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Kate Cat Stories :stuffing/weight gain


Max Longear Stories :stuffing

The Greedy Wolf :stuffing

The Fat Wolf :stuffing/weight gain

Shaun and Boston Series :stuffing, soft vore

Sandra and Caleb Stories :stuffing/weight gain

Darkwulf Stories :forced stuffing

Eric Fox Series :stuffing

Dragoneer and Dax :forced inflation

Chocolate Factory :stuffing

Anything You Can Do... :stuffing/weight gain

One Wrong Word : EXPLICIT LANGUAGE :single page

Mandarax and FlameDrake :soft vore

Oz and FlameDrake :stuffing/soft vore

Dene and Zuri :stuffing/weight gain

Lion Study Series :stuffing

Rykkie :transformation/obesity

Jank & Zho :stuffing; sketch-only commission

Orion and Tank :stuffing; sketch-only commission

PigeonHawk :fat/belly stomp

Ryuu's Pet :stuffing/weight gain

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