These prices are configured with standard character designs in mind. If your characters are exceptionally detailed (lots of stripes, patterns, armor, etc.) or unusually simple, have lots of accessories, or your scene is particularly challenging, the cost may differ accordingly from the listed price.

Please choose only ONE option per session. The price for any session may not exceed $480.


Characters may be drawn together in one image or separated into their own images.




Extra-Detailed Character (Blue Jay)


1 - 6 Characters with a single background or furnishings.

To price a scene, find the price for your character(s) using the guide above and add it to the price of your background, as listed below.



Low Detail

High Detail

Extended Detail/Panoramic:

I am no longer taking commissions in extended sizes. I can add lots of details to a smaller picture, but I won't take on scenes that need to be especially wide or tall. Please contact me if you have questions.


A series is a set of individual pictures, usually all involving the same character or group of characters, that tell a story or show a progression. There is no limit to the number of pictures a series can have as long as they total under $480, but they must be related to one another.

To price a series, you must add the number of characters shown in all the intended pictures, even if it is the same character throughout. Find the cost for the total number of character drawings by using the guide in Option 1; the prices reset after 6. (So the cost for 8 full-color characters would be the cost of 6 ($140) plus the cost of 2 ($70), equaling $210.)

If you would like backgrounds in your pictures, you must then find the cost of the backgrounds from Option 2 and add that to the character cost for your total. You may opt to have a single background drawn and used in all the pictures. In this case, you are only charged for rendering the background once.


Progression Type This set would be priced as 8 line-art characters, no background.

Story Type This set would be priced as 6 full-color characters, no background.


Comic pages are priced at a flat rate; the character and background prices above DO NOT apply to these. Pages are drawn at a uniform size, 11.8" x 16" and typically (but not always) contain anywhere from 3 to 10 panels. There is no character limit, but the more panels and characters you place on a single page, the smaller and less detailed they will be.

You may write a description for your comic in one of two ways: You can list how many pages you want along with a description of the event and I will plot out the panel layout myself, OR you may plot out how many panels will go on each page, their layout, and what action should be shown in them, and I will do my best to stick close to your design. If dialogue is required, you must script it.

PLEASE NOTE: You may buy multiple pages (totaling no more than $480) during one session, but they must belong to the same story, as opposed to 3 pages from story "A" and 2 pages from story "B".

Price per page:

Sketched: $40

Line Art: $80

Flat Color: $170

Full Color: $220


Line Art

Full Color


Character rendered from the chest up, with name, full-color

Digital file only: $25

Digital file + Printed on glossy photo paper with lanyard and 2.5" x 4.5" plastic holder, Mailed (USA Only): $35


Data CD

If you'd like the full-resolution files of your commissions in PSD and PNG format on a disc, mailed to your home, please add $5 to your total (USA). If you live outside the U.S., price varies by country.


What do you mean by....?


I am currently offering digital commissions only, no traditional media pieces.