The Process from Start to Finish

(1) JOURNAL 1:

I will make an announcement in my journal on FA letting people know what day and approximate time (Eastern) I will have an opening.

(2) JOURNAL 2:

When the time listed comes around, I will post ANOTHER journal announcing the actual opening.


The first person (or people, if there are multiple openings) to post a comment on that journal will claim the spot.

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT signing up for a spot on a waiting list. By claiming a spot, you're certifying that you are ready to begin working right away.


You will have 10 days after the date of signing up to submit BOTH your complete description and your total payment.

The description must come first, and I will ask any questions I have regarding it and quote a price. Once settled, I will let you know where to send your PayPal payment.

***The total cost of your commission is due at the start of your project. If your total comes to $250 or more, you may request to split your payment into two parts: 50% is due at the start of the project and the remaining 50% will be due on a date that is mutually agreed upon. If you do not make your second payment by this date, you will forfeit the completion of your commission. This option is available only by request at the time of sign-up.

If you cannot complete both tasks within 10 days, you forfeit your spot entirely, so again, please don't claim a spot if you know you won't be ready in that time.

If you're buying a mature-content project, your form and ID will be required at this point as well. Please see the Rules section for details.


I will submit a sketch of your project to you for you to review. Please see the guidelines for revisions further down on this page.

If revisions are needed, they will be made and the new sketch submitted.


After the sketch is approved, I will ink and/or paint your project and send the finished product to you.




PayPal is currently my only method of payment; I no longer accept checks or money orders. If you don't already have one, a PayPal account is free and you don't need a credit card (see for instructions).

I can not accept anything but money for commissions. That means no gifts, trades, DA points, memberships or services of any kind.


The total amount for your commission is due within 10 days of claiming your commission slot.

If you have requested to split your payment into two parts, the second half is due on a date we settle at the time of sign-up. This must be a date that works well for both of us and may not be changed. If I get your sketch work done and approved before the date we established, I will not move on to complete it until the second payment is received. You may choose to pay early, but please don't miss your due date.

*All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please be certain you have the money to spare before you send anything.


I will let you know which address to use for your payment at the time it is required. Please be sure to include a note identifying yourself or send an e-mail letting me know when you've sent the payment, especially if you've been corresponding with me via an alias, so I know which payment belongs to which client.




When you describe your picture, try to imagine it is already completed and list everything you see. Revisions are for fixing mistakes or tweaking features, but not for adding things you've forgotten to mention. Remember, if it's not in your description, it won't be in your picture.

If you don't have visual references for your character and you need to provide a written description, remember to include information such as height, build, hair style, clothing design, number of fingers and toes, plantigrade vs. digitigrade feet, pose, facial expression and body colors.

When describing backgrounds, think of style and motif for interiors and buildings as well as time of day, lighting, accessories and detail level.


Please don't clutter your description with details that aren't relevant to the scene. For example, if your character wears a coat, tell me what the coat looks like, but not where he got it, who it used to belong to, why he loves it, etc. If you want to speak of your character's personality to help set the mood for the scene, that's fine, but please don't send me his whole life's story.


I will not accept a partial or incomplete description. I've had a lot of people say, "Draw whatever you think will look good, I trust your judgment." After they get the sketch, it turns to, "That's cool, but what I really wanted was...." Please take the time to completely flesh out your idea before you send it to me and be certain you're happy with what you've decided.

However, if you have a technical question about whether or not a scenario is do-able, by all means ask and I will offer my opinion.


A) Stories. If your commission is based on a fic, please do not ask me to read through the whole thing unless it's only a page or two. It may set the mood very well, but it's a lot of extra work for me to read a story and take notes on what I need to draw.

B) Excerpts of your IM conversations. For the same reason; I don't have time to read a lengthy conversation and glean the bits I need for the pic. Please write a description especially for this project.



I send a sketch of the project for you to review to make sure the drawing is correct before I finish it. A revision is a correction in the event something doesn't look right, but not an opportunity to make changes to the idea you submitted to me unless the addition is very minor.


- His tail needs to be a little longer

- I forgot to mention that my character wears a watch


- can we add another character to this scene?

- I forgot to mention that my character is a 'taur, not a biped



If you'd like to collaborate with a friend on ideas, characters and/or funds I have no objection on two conditions:

Choose only one person amongst yourselves to do all the correspondence with me. Please. It gets terribly confusing when I have to carbon copy all my messages to numerous participants, not to mention if I have to wait for each individual to weigh in on the project before I can move forward on anything.

Make sure everyone is on the same page before sending me any information at any stage of the project. Please talk amongst yourselves before your designated person passes on instructions to me. So often people don't do this and then I get conflicting information from the various participants. And then, of course, I have to contact each person and straighten it out, which defeats the purpose of asking for one correspondent. Talk it over with everyone involved before you complete your description and do the same when you receive the sketches. If someone in your party is notoriously difficult to contact, you may want to reconsider working with him.

Payment, however, may come from several people, just make sure someone lets me know what is being sent by whom.


Thank you for reading and as always, if you have any questions please contact me any time.