**I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, before, during or after the commission process, in the event that I find the purchaser's behavior or the commission's content unacceptable.**

Adult Content

If you wish to request a commission that contains adult content, either nudity or mature situations, you MUST FIRST sign a form that you can download below, stating that you are old enough to own such material.

You will also need to include some legal proof of your age; a driver's license is preferred, but you may also use a state issued ID, government/military ID, or passport.

This information will not be displayed or distributed, but I keep it on file in case an issue with your commission surfaces. I will not begin any such project until I have the form completed and returned to me with ID.

I am now accepting these documents via e-mail if you'd prefer not to snail-mail it, but you MUST be able to sign your name in the "signature" field. You can either print the form, fill it out in ink, scan it and e-mail the JPG or PSD, or you can use a tablet to sign it. I will not accept forms that have a type-printed name in the "signature" field, it must come from your own hand. If you'd like to mail it back, or have a special condition that prevents you from accessing the form, please contact me for arrangements.

Mandatory Consent Form

You will only need to submit the form once, not once per project. If you elect to get more adult work from me in the future, you will not need to send another form or ID.


Content that is OFF LIMITS

(1) Kiddie/Cub Porn: I will not take on any projects that involve child characters in any kind of mature situation. This includes characters that ARE children as well as those that look young, such as pixies, elves, etc. If you're thinking of an adult commission, your characters (whatever the species) must have an adult appearance.

This also includes characters, whatever their age, that come from a series/movie/story aimed at young children. For example, anything you might see on Nick Jr., PBS Kids, etc.

Add to it diapering and any type of infantilism. If it's imagery connected to children, I'll only draw it in a clean/wholesome scenario. If you have any questions about your particular idea, please ask.

(2) Copyrighted Characters: Some are acceptable, some aren't. I tend to stay away from major licenses due to legal reasons; Disney is out 100%. Again, just ask and I'll let you know.

If you're planning to use a friend's original character, you must have his/her permission first.

(3) Rape: Meaning, a person forcing him/herself on another in any sexual venue, where the recipient is obviously unwilling. Things like tentacle rape (where the aggressor is inanimate) are usually acceptable as long as the subject isn't rendered in pain (crying, pleading, screaming, etc.)

(4) Torture: Pretty self-explanatory.

(5) Murder: In other words, killing for fun. For example, a fight or war in which one party is killed is usually passable depending on the individual circumstances. I'm not adverse to drawing violence. But a serial killer in the act, not acceptable.

(6) Racism, etc.: Any imagery at all that depicts bigotry, hate, intolerance, segregation, slander or glorifies negative stereotypes.

(7) Drugs: And related paraphernalia

(8) Child Birth: Of any species; egg laying/hatching is usually acceptable.

(9) Tech: I will not tackle complex machinery within a commission, such as spaceships, mechs, body suits, vehicles, etc. Small things like handheld weapons, computers or simple armor are okay. If you want a fictional weapon, you must provide some kind of visual reference. Also, if you'd like a real-life vehicle, you may take a high-resolution photo of the vehicle in the position it will appear in the image, and I will use that to render it; I won't draw it from scratch.

(10) Scat/Urination: I don't find them morally reprehensible, but still, no thank you...


What You Will Get and What You Can and Can Not Do with it

What you will get: All commissions are digital unless otherwise discussed. You will receive a high-resolution JPEG file, usually around 500 kb - 3 mg (depending on the dimensions of the piece), delivered via your e-mail. If you choose to purchase the CD, the finished files on it are the same size as they are when I work on them, saved as flattened PSDs. No one else will receive the files at this size from me, but you may share these with others if you wish.

If you'd prefer to have your file sent to you in a different format or via Dropbox, I will do my best to accomodate you. Keep in mind that most of the finished pictures are too large at their full size to be delivered online, so please consider getting them on disc if you'd like the largest size avaialble.

You will not receive the original paper drawings of your commission. I keep those for several reasons, but if you're looking for a traditional-media picture, you'll need to negotiate a price independent of the digital pricing scale.

What you may do with YOUR art: You may post your purchased files on any site in accordance with that site's rules. Just keep them off of mass image hosting banks like Fchan, 4chan, etc, please. The pictures are yours to view, print and share as you please; you don't need to ask my permission if you are the purchaser.

What you may NOT do with YOUR art: The art is not sold for financial distribution; you may not make and sell prints or apply the art to any product for sale, like shirts, cds, stickers, etc. (The exception being logos.) It should go without saying, but you may also not post the art and claim you are the artist.

What you may NOT do with SOMEONE ELSE'S art: If you are not the purchaser of the commission, you may NOT redistribute the pictures or use them for ANY reason without the purchaser's permission, which you must get on your own. If the purchaser gives permission for sharing his work, you do not also need my permission. If you cannot find the purchaser on your own, you must assume you do not have permission. (See "Commissioner Info is Confidential")

If the art is my own and not a commission, you must ask me before you post it anywhere, or use it for any reason.



I don't take them. Please don't ask.


I do trades on very rare occasions (as in, once every few years) but only with people I already know well.


Your Art Will Be Posted

By default, I retain the right to post your commissioned picture(s) on my website and/or in any of the other galleries I maintain.

If you want your pictures kept private, you MUST tell me at the time of your project and I will be happy to refrain from displaying them.


Commissioner Info is Confidential

None of the information given to me during the commission process will ever be shared with others, either by post or via e-mail. This includes such things as: e-mail addresses, names, descriptions, purchase amounts, IDs and consent forms.

The only exception to this rule occurs if some legal issue arises with your commission. In that event, any of your info may be given to the proper authorities.

If you're looking to connect with one of my customers.....

Often, people interested in the content of a certain piece will want to chat with the person who bought it. I will not put you in touch with them, please don't ask. It's not my job to play matchmaker. If you'd like to meet the purchaser, you will have to track them down yourself. If you can't find any trace of him/her online, odds are they don't want to be found.



While I hate to blacklist anyone, it has had to happen a few times. I'm a reasonable person and you have to push me pretty hard to get on that list (usually by repeatedly arguing a decision I've made on your request), but some situations do call for it and it is permanent.

I have my rules laid out very clearly, so "I didn't know this was an issue" will not be accepted as an excuse. If, for whatever reason, you feel any of my rules shouldn't apply to you, please save us both the stress and hire another artist.