How to Sign Up

Currently, I am only taking commission orders through If you'd like to catch a slot, you'll need an account there, which is free. I'll be making journal announcements there to notify watchers of pending and current openings.

You will find my FA account Here under the name Squeakie.

For more info on how commissions are run after sign-up, please visit the Process section.

Why FA? I find it too difficult to take orders via e-mail anymore, and most of my clientele has been and still is located on FA. A community site with a mass-notification system is the simplest way for me to announce openings to all watchers simultaneously, and as I've been long established on FA, it was the logical choice.

As for how often I'll be available for new orders, it depends upon my work schedule and will vary. I'm not making long waiting lists anymore, but will take 1 - 3 orders at a time, fill them right away, then take a few more when I have time.