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These snapshots from Halloween 2004 show my jack-o-lantern, all lit up and smilin'! It features a familiar Someone; what would Halloween be without him?

This is what happens when you consume unearthly amounts of candy in one night. You start talking to your toys and posing them for silly photos. Of course, some of us do that without the sugar high. Also from Halloween 2004.

I made this polar bear pinata for our family's Christmas party, 2004. It's constructed from two balloons covered in 3-4 layers of homemade papier mache, then decorated with tissue paper. It took a week and a half to make and was completely destroyed, save a nose and one foot.

Hey Look! It's my dog ,Murphy, and my cat, Spumoni! Aren't they cute?

(she's like a sleep-ninja)

I was mowing the lawn the other day and look what I found! Luckily, he wasn't hurt, and I got to hold him for a while. We live in a pretty urban area, and I've never found a toad in my yard before. He's an Eastern American Toad, bufo americanus americanus, and I set him free into the plants along the edge of our yard to go about his toady business. I hope he'll eat the grubs that chew on our flowers. .......I love amphibians.

Another Halloween has come and gone, and I am sad to see it pass. But we had fun :) Here is my pumpkin, yet another Nightcrawler likeness! And, a spread of tasty homemade cookies, frosted by me. Nummy.

Those of you who watched The Tick animated series will recognize Little Wooden Boy. This is the female variant, Little Wooden Girl. It was crafted for me by my brother-in-law for Christmas. Sweet, no? ;P Why the knives? Long story.

These are plushes from Giant (please see the Links section), specifically, a white and red blood cell. My fiance bought them for me for Christmas *hugs*

I took these photos at the Toledo Zoo in the summer, and I really liked the way they turned out. I never took the time to learn to use my digital camera properly, so I was just toying with the macro function and this is what it gave me. Not too bad.

I don't know if it's a natural occurrence, the weather, or a sign of ecological change, but 2007 was the Summer of the Spiders in our neighborhood. They were absolutely everywhere, more than I've ever seen. Most common was this species, I think it's a funnelweb weaver. They would sit on their webs during the day until I came close, which prompted them to zip into their funnels. I tempted this one out by poking at his web gently with a weed ^_^

Here are some pictures from our trip to Erie Orchard this year. Donuts, cider, and pumpkins, what could be better? OMG! Ponies!

My jack-o-lantern for 2007; Nechi the Chiropteran!

My brother-in-law made this for me for Christmas; it's a mechanical art pencil, lathed from acrylic. The photo doesn't really do it justice, it's a beautiful piece of functional art! If you want a pen or pencil of your own, check out his site, (see my Links section for a direct link).

I made this cake for my fiance for his birthday; go, Luigi! It was actually a Mario cake pan, but Riptide prefers Luigi. :)

A cool cicada shell I found on our backyard fence!