Frequently Asked Questions

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Commission Questions

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General Questions:

Q: I remember this picture that was on your site, but now it's gone. What happened?

A: As of March 2009, my sites have been reorganized and many older images were removed. I had given a notification in every place available to me in October of 2008 that these files would be removed, so that everyone interested might have enough time to save any picture they liked.

I will not be sending any of the removed files to individuals or reposting them on my sites.

Q: Can I post your pictures on my site?

A: Please send me an e-mail and ask personally. I usually say yes, but I like to know where my art is going. It is also required that you leave any and all copyright information intact. That means that you may not crop my pictures, alter them in any way, or take credit for their creation, in compliance with United States Copyright laws. In addition, you may not repost images in any commission gallery because permission has to be granted by the purchaser of the work. If you know them personally and they have already granted you permission, you don't need to ask me as well.

Q: Can I use your picture for my desktop background?

A: Yes, you may. And you don't need to ask permission. My fanart is posted so that any who enjoy it may use it for their own PERSONAL needs. That means you may save it, print it, or make a background from it. You MAY NOT under any circumstances sell it on products or use it to promote a business. As long as no financial profit is made, no laws have been broken.

Q: Can you give me some artistic advice?

A: A lot of people ask for advice, and I never know the best thing to tell them. The bottom line is, practice and study is the only thing you can do to improve yourself as an artist. That means drawing every day, doing life studies and all that boring stuff that no one seems to want to work at. We need to understand structure and anatomy before we can get character art right.

As for my tools, I draw in Col-Erase blue pencil on plain paper, scan and then ink and color with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. I'm currently using Photoshop CS2. I haven't written any tutorials as my technique is pretty standard, but I have a step-by-step here if you'd like to read about that.

Q: Will you post my pictures on your site?

A: I cannot host art on my site. I am not the only person who uses this webspace, and our bandwidth is limited. If you have art or fiction that you want to post on the web and you're looking for a place to start, please visit my "Links" section. There are links to some good free sites where you can do so.

Q: Do you use AIM?

A: I'm sorry, no. I don't use any instant messaging programs, but if you want to talk, feel free to e-mail me. I try to check my mail every night.

Q: Can I get the full resolution versions of your art?

No. I do not hand out artwork to the public that is larger than the versions I have displayed on my sites.

If the work in question is a commission, the only person(s) who will be given the full sized files are the purchaser(s) of the work. They may distribute those large files, however, if they so wish.

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