Site News

August 2013

I have discontinued the use of my website's e-mail update system. It seems Hotmail won't let me send a mass e-mail due to spam constraints and there were too many people on it to break it up into little groups. I haven't been updating my site more than every other month or so anyway, though I will continue to do so as I have content for it. To learn about updates to the site or the status of commissions, you may check here at your leisure. I will also post the latest news in my FA and DA journals and on my Tumblr. If the news is regarding your specific commission, such as a notice that I can begin, I will as always contact you personally via e-mail.

January 2013

Because no additional Donation Gift art will be made in the foreseeable future, the "Donations" section has been replaced with literature. The donation art list can be found HERE, and you can still purchase them at their regular prices for a limited time.

August 2012

Commissions: Due to my new job, I will be completing all the commission orders that are currently open, however long it might take. Once they're complete, I'll be on hiatus until my hours drop off in winter. At that time, I'll pick up the commission queue where I left off, getting as many done as I can before work starts again in the spring. Then commissions will be on hold again, and so forth. After I get this list completed, I'll be opening up again for new orders, though my procedure will have to change a bit. Please note that there is also the possibility that I'll stop taking new commissions altogether. I will have more news in the winter.

Adult Art Section: The 18 and older section will not be returning to As for future adult commissions, I will only be posting them in my FurAffinity gallery: You must have an FA account and be of legal age to view them. I apologize if anyone feels this is too inconvenient, but I wouldn't do it unless it was important. I am not taking away the option to commission adult material from me, those policies still remain in effect.