NAME: I was born Ann Ziegler, but Duo Radon is the name I prefer to use. "Duo" comes from the Sunrise character Duo Maxwell, and "Radon" is my fiance's real last name.

EDUCATION: I am a graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I majored in Animation and MultiMedia. My 2 year degree there was preceded by 2 years at Lourdes College in their Fine Arts program.

EMPLOYMENT: I am currently employed by the Toledo Zoo though I continue to seek work in an art field.

ART: Cartoon and character art has always been my first inclination ever since I was four. I also enjoy wildlife rendering, due largely to the fact that animals are easier for me to draw than anything else. This was the driving force behind my introduction into the Furry community. While I'm not a Furry myself, the vast majority of my commission work falls into this category.

Most recently, I've been working at developing a comic book style that I can utilize in the creation of my own book. The remainder of my free time inspiration tends to lean towards fanart, particularly of male, humanesque subjects like Hellboy and Nightcrawler.

INFLUENCES on my work: As a child, I was greatly influenced by Disney films and Saturday morning cartoons like Real Ghostbusters, He-Man and anything with a dinosaur or dragon in it. Books such as The Chronicles of Narnia and similar stories also had a big effect on my development as a youngster.

Later, in high school, I met an impressively talented artist who would be my future life partner, and he has ever been an inspiration and influence in my life and work. I certainly would have given up long ago if I didn't have his support, as well as the confidence of my family.

Around the same time that I met my fiance, I became interested in Japanese culture, animation and manga. My admiration for the work of Katsuhiro Otomo and Hayao Miyazaki, especially, bent the method in which I drew. American comics, however, had never really taken hold of me, with a few exceptions, until I began to read Uncanny X-Men and fell in love with Nightcrawler. Even so, I didn't fully appreciate the potential of the medium until I read Hellboy. Not since adolescence have I been so inspired or astounded by any single artist as I have been by Mike Mignola. And again, I felt motivated to aim my progress in a new direction.

In addition to art, life science has been and still is tremendously influential over what I draw. Biology is a second but equal passion of mine and the subjects of my personal work tend to be largely organic.

OTHER INTERESTS: Some more of my favorite things include...

*Bats and Bat Conservation

*Mycology and Microbiology


*Demons and their Lore

*Homosexual Male themed Art and Stories

*Reading and Research


*Candy and Fried Food

*Toys and Action Figures

*Forests, Caves and Mountains



*Africa (Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa)



*Grand Canyon

*Yellowstone (before it blows)

*New Zealand



*Costa Rica