My Tumblr Varied and exclusive content; mostly sketches and speedpaints

Artist 86 Cosmic-Riptide's website, with artwork not available on VCL! This is what it looks like when a detail-freak builds a website; view it and be in awe.

CR's Deviant Art Gallery

Marc "Cosmic-Riptide" Radon Awesome furry art by my fiancÚ, hosted by the Vixen Controlled Library *VCL is intended for use by adults. Some of the art is NOT appropriate for children.

The Round House Darkwulf's gluttony/vore fetish site, all furry with some adult content.

Cesarin A lot of beautiful artwork, contains adult content.

Pixelicous Creations Pixel's sweet and sultry furry artwork.

Zeitgeist Lots of different furry content, projects, and the like.

Jidane A phenomenal artist with a wide range of talents, her galleries include such subjects as furries, demons, yaoi, Riku & Sora, and vore.

Jidane's y!gallery,

Eka's Portal Gallery,

DeviantART Gallery,

and VCL Gallery

Sir-Prince Another of my favorite artists - a really cool style, draws lots of guys, stuffing, vore, gore and nsfw goodness :)

SP on Tumblr

SP on FA

SP on DA


Learn all about our bat friends and get involved in their conservation!


Bat Conservation International

Lubee Bat Conservancy

Organization for Bat Conservation

Chiroptera Cabin Company Cabins and Condos for Chiroptera cuties!


PTC Cleaning Service For quality, dependable home and office custodial services in the Northwest Ohio area!

MrK's Page My good friend Kevin's personal page, one of two; if you like trains and speeders, you'll love his collection of pictures and video clips! Lots of really nice scenic photos of the Pacific northwest, too.

MrK's Page 2 And his second funpage, this one dedicated to the beloved Nightcrawler! He's got a variety of cool video clips here to check out.

E-Mail GoldFox Contact the author of many of my Nightcrawler fanfics to tell her how much you enjoy them, or commission a story of your own!. You can visit (see below) to read some of her stories.

Inkydee My brother's DA gallery; check out his beautiful photography!


Moments of Rapture Sharon's wonderful Heero/Duo romance site; lots of beautiful images, stories, and links.

Gundam Wing Yaoi Heaven 1x2x1 site collection.

SunHawk Her intriguing and beautifully scripted Gundam fics.


Wagnerzenen Kopah's vonderful dedication to all things Nightcrawler, particularly of X-men Evolution; many stories, pics, links, etc.

Nightscrawlers Huge Nightcrawler message board with chat, stories, lots of pics.


Giant Such a cool site! They sell plushes of microbes, from Flesh Eating Bacteria to Malaria. The toys are about 6 inches high or so, and have cute google eyes that make you just want to hug them! Each toy comes with a tag that explains all about them.

Amazingly Rustic Beautiful, unique, functional and affordable gifts hand crafted from wood, acrylic and other materials; perfect presents for yourself or a loved one! Tour a virtual zoo, learn cool animal facts, and shop from a huge array of products such as jewelry, plushes, toys and books!

Infinite Art Tattoo Studio Toledo, OH; Information on tattoos, view artwork, links to other related sites, etc.


People have asked about places to upload their art for free, and here are several good sites; they're also good places to view artists' galleries.

FurAffinity For all things furred, scaled, feathered, etc. Contains/allows adult content.

Eka's Portal Furry Vore art; ages 18+ only.

Deviant Art Pretty much any kind of art you please, as well as fiction and poetry; read their policies, they allow a wide range of content but some adult material is off limits.

VCL All manner of Furry art; general audience and adult art.

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