‘‘Hunter Turned Hunted’

by GoldFox

NOTE: Because I am unsure of Abe’s attitude in the comic, I pretty much presented him here with his movie attitude. Hope that doesn’t bother you guys or anything!

Hellboy scowled as he peered around in the poorly lit warehouse. Abe was nearby, running his hands delicately over the doors and walls, trying to find a clue.

If you asked the government, these two didn’t exist and were often laughed off as nothing more than pranks by enthusiastic citizens.

However, both of them were highly guarded secrets of a special organization, and were kept from the knowledge of the military and the civilians. It was no wonder, apparently, once you got a good look at them.

Abe Sapien was easily described with an old science-fiction term: Fish-man. He had a human shape, which was thin and streamlined, but also had fins on his arms and legs and down his back, gills on the sides of his neck and other aquatic adaptations that only helped prove that the place he was most comfortable in was the water. His skin was light aqua-green in color, but striped with darker green, an effect that was interesting on land, but rendered him all but invisible in the water. His eyes, a deep, clear blue, were larger than normal and almond-shaped.

Not only was his physical appearance a bit startling to the general public, his powers were also very odd. By simply touching someone or something or just getting close enough to them, Abe was able to create a temporary psychic link, allowing him to see the history of the person or object, or to identify them.

Hellboy on the other hand, was a much more imposing figure.

He was almost the exact embodiment of the traditional view of the Devil: bright red skin, black cloven-hoofed feet, a long, powerful tail and though he kept them trimmed down to stumps, a pair of horns on his head.

In addition to this, his right hand was also very bizarre. It appeared to be made out of stone, and while it was roughly 4 times the size of a normal hand, and only possessed 4 fingers instead of five, it still served him as his other hand, though granted, he was a lefty by force of nature.

His face was roughly normal, aside from his red skin and yellow eyes, with a black goatee and sideburns.

The two of them, among others, were secrets of a secret organization and were used to help protect humanity against other bizarre creatures unexplainable by the public and military.

They had been sent here because of several reports of a demon running rampant, eating people, and just plain causing mayhem. It was the usual stuff.

Hellboy took his gun out of his holster and checked the barrels, walking forwards silently with Abe following close behind. Abe, while not much of a physical fighter, was quick and amazingly helpful with his heightened senses. Oftentimes, working together, they could quickly overcome even the most intimidating and difficult demons and monsters. But even then, Hellboy didn’t mind a bit of action at all. He loved a good fight.

Making their way into the building, Hellboy looked around. It was an old warehouse, abandoned for years after some construction company had gone bankrupt. They had stuffed all their left-over building supplies in here and then had left. He watched around them carefully, knowing that several of the heavy concrete beams could be used as rather effective clubs against whatever they had come to face.

The reports had been confusing, to say the least.

First, they said that a demon was eating at least one person a week for over three months, but then they go and say that there had been no messes or left-overs, and that there had been no damage. For Hellboy, the only things large enough to eat a person and leave no trace behind was a HUGE monster.

But then again… No damage? That made no sense either! Granted, the first poor saps could have been taken on a nightly stroll, but when you start to learn that people are disappearing, you don’t go out at night anymore. You clam up in your house.

How was this demon getting the clam-meat out without so much as chipping the shell?

Hellboy spun around when he heard a clatter in the distance, but nothing otherwise. Just how big was this monster anyway? Was it one of those super slender ones that could fit into tight spaces? That would explain the ‘no damage’ part of the riddle. Or maybe it was one of the ones made out of smoke and gas, which could materialize itself at will?

The red demon growled as he turned a corner, the barrel pointing ahead of him. Nothing.

Turning to Abe, he snapped gently, “Anything on your end, Blue?”

Abe shook his head, running his fingers over the floor. “I’m detecting traces of him, but nothing definite. He’s here, watching us, but I can’t tell you where. Every time I think I’ve got him, he disappears!”

Scowling, Hellboy turned around slowly, looking carefully around them. The warehouse was full of stacks of beams, piles of unused bags of concrete mix and just tons of old stuff that cluttered up the place and made it hard to see anything around them.

Both of then turned at hearing a loud ‘THUD’ behind them, Hellboy cursing as his gun only aimed at a dropped bag of concrete mix. But then he paused. That bag had to weight more than 60 pounds…

Looking up he saw nothing but rafters, about 100 feet above them, but no nearby scaffolding in sight. There was no conceivable cover for over 50 feet in any direction! How strong was this thing that it could lift that bag of cement so easily, and chuck it from that far?!

Abe instantly bent over the bag, running his hands over it. Hellboy stood guard, inspecting the walls and ceiling so that they wouldn’t be taken by surprise again.

But as the minutes stretched out, the demon turned on his friend, barking, “Come on, give me something, Abe!”

The aquatic man looked as puzzled as he could with such an expressionless face. He stuttered for a while, unusual for him, and finally got out, “It’s… It’s not a monster… It’s not even a demon!”

“What?” Hellboy asked, turning towards him and holstering the gun.

Abe gestured to the bag of cement, saying in a baffled tone, “The signature left on the bag is… human.”

“No way.” The red demon said. When he got a nod, he then asked, “Human? Okay, I can get that people can lift bags like this… But to chuck it from over 50 feet away? Not even a super athlete can do that, Abe.”

“I am aware of this.” Abe replied smoothly. “But I think that perhaps we are dealing with someone who is human… and yet, isn’t…”

Confused even more now, Hellboy then stood up, grinning, “Well, here’s the plan: We find this thing, whatever it is, and then shoot it. Sounds good?”

“Are you always so subtle?” Abe asked with a hint of a smile.

“My best trait.” Hellboy replied, taking his gun back out. “You take over that way, and I’ll take these shelves… Give me a shout if you see something, all right?”

After nodding, they both separated, heading in different directions. Hellboy took the confined and shady area filled with shelves of spare parts and beams, while Abe handled the more open areas, where he had a better chance of avoiding the creature to give a shout for the heavy artillery.

Golden eyes watched them from the shadows, then disappeared.

Abe walked silently, his bare feet making no sound at all on the floor. He looked every way, moving carefully, his senses on high alert.

Since they had entered the building, Abe had felt an overall faint sense of curiosity, but now it seemed to be evolving into a more sinister emotion, but he couldn’t get a lock on it! It was like seeing smoke everywhere, but not being able to find the fire that was making it.

He spun around at hearing a sound to his left, and instantly focused but found nothing. Jittery, he turned back and gasped in surprise as there was a loud noise and he was suddenly in a cloud of smoke! Coughing, he tried to get away, but felt someone grab his arm.

The first thing that grabbed Abe’s attention as how SMALL the hand was. He had expected the huge clawed hand of some sort of monster, but instead it was almost the same size as a man’s, if a little smaller.

Abe knew instantly, because of the hand, that it wasn’t human. He could only feel two fingers and a thumb holding his arm tightly. He turned, trying to twist free. Usually, due to his unique form, his skin often had a slippery quality to it, but this creature was holding him too firmly for that to do him any good. While he couldn’t see the attacker in this thick, purple smoke, Abe knew he still had a chance, and snapped his hand onto the one holding him. He felt the instant flow of feelings and knowledge and his large blue eyes grew even wider as he learned the truth.

But just as he tried to shout for Hellboy, the other hand clamped over his mouth and he felt very dizzy…

Hellboy spun around a corner, pointing his gun in front of him.

Scowling at still finding nothing, he moved silently, moving his feet with practiced ease so that the hooves didn’t make a single noise on the hard floor. He had long since lost sight of Abe, but he knew that that guy was slippery and fast enough to get away from anything and at the least, would shout if he needed any help.

Using his rocky right hand to hold his trench coat, Hellboy peeked around a corner, his tail coiling around the trench coat also, to help him keep hidden.

Though he saw nothing, the red demon felt his hackles rise. Something was very wrong here… They hadn’t seen or heard anything yet except for that bag of cement and that was very unusual. Usually, demons and creatures would announce themselves, because they loved to show that they were the strongest thing around. And even if they did have the sense to hide, when something entered their territory, most of them would fight. And even when they didn’t, there was always some sort of sign of their presence in that area.

Something was VERY wrong here…

Hearing a noise behind him Hellboy turned and saw a flash of something dark. He let off a shot in that direction, then ran forwards to inspect the damage, but found nothing but an exploded storage box and a lingering scent of sulfur.

He heard a weird explosion behind him, but before he could turn around, he felt something small jump onto his back. He spun around, trying to grab the thing, but it was squirming and avoiding his grabs, all the while, its hands went for his neck and started to squeeze.

With a shout, Hellboy leapt backwards, planning to crush the whatever-it-was against the racks of supplies behind him. But as he collided with a rack of hardware tools, he scowled as he saw that thing leap upwards and over him, landing easily in front of him. It had seen the move coming apparently…

Brushing away the pliers that had cracked onto his head, Hellboy was finally given a look at the creature.

It was humanoid. That was the first thing that grabbed his eye. The next thing made Hellboy pause.

For the love of God, the thing was wearing PANTS! Normal looking, brown-colored PANTS!

However, once that surprise was overcome, Hellboy realized more and more things. The creature was bare-chested, showing that first of all it was a HE, and that his skin was a dark blue color, almost midnight-dark blue. But a bit of scruffiness at the elbows revealed that it had a thin layer of fur, more fluff than anything.

The guy was standing up, crouched over in an aggressive posture and Hellboy’s eyes went down to the guy’s feet. For an instant, he though that this guy’s feet were composed of hooves as well, but he quickly realized that the guy, while he walked on the balls of his feet, walked on two modified toes.

A flick of movement behind the guy and Hellboy saw a blue tail, almost like his own, but thinner, more delicate and flexible, and with an arrow-shaped barb.

Going back to the face, Hellboy was confronted with golden-yellow eyes, a fanged mouth and pointed ears.

It was the first time Hellboy had seen another demon, and he couldn’t help but grin. This other demon was clearly barely into his twenties… A teenager! “Bit dangerous for you to be out alone at night, ain’t it, kid?” he drawled softly, cocking an eyebrow.

The demon glared back at him pointing a finger at him, showing that his hands were composed of two fingers and a thumb only. He was all but growling as he answered, “Not as dangerous for me as for you!” There was a German accent to the words, but again, the tone of voice only helped to prove how young this guy was. This must have been some demon that had been hiding for years, used to sulking in shadows to avoid the intolerable humans. That would explain why he had been hiding and had attacked him with barely any provocation. The red demon bore no grudge against him, and instead, tried to use this new acquaintance.

Hellboy walked around the smaller blue demon who kept in step, watching his every move. The red demon then said, “Look… I don’t know what you’re doing here, kid, but there’s a monster on the loose and I’ve got a REALLY itchy trigger finger… Tell me what you know, and I’ll leave you alone. I’m after bigger game.”

The blue demon bared his fangs at him, snapping, “Why should I help you?”

“Because if you don’t, I’ll knock you into next week, and then get people that can send you right back whatever dimension you came from.” Hellboy answered easily. He then readied the hammer on the huge pistol, saying calmly, “Now… Your answer?”

The blue demon only smiled… then vanished with a puff of smoke and an odd sounding ‘bamf’.

Cursing, Hellboy spun around. Oh, great, just freaking GREAT! Apparently, this demon could teleport! Well, that explained that cement bag from earlier. He scowled as he watched all the shadows, thoroughly pissed off now. This made his job SO much easier! He really didn’t want to mess around with this kid, having to hunt for the monster, but at the same time, he was painfully aware of all the noise that they had been making. For all he knew, the monster had heard and was on its way!

He spun around, but then grunted in surprised as his feet were constricted. A quick glance down showed that the kid was on the floor, using his tail as rope, coiled around his feet. One tug at his feet, one push at his shoulder, and Hellboy sprawled over on his side, the gun sliding away from his reach and disappearing under a shelving rack.

He quickly reached for his belt, going for his spare pistol, but there was a weight on him that signaled that the kid had leapt onto him, and that blue tail reappeared again and went right for his belt, plucking out the weapon.

Hellboy was then left coughing as the blue demon teleported again, leaving him right in the middle of that awful sulfur-smelling cloud of smoke.

While he was coughing, Hellboy felt another weight on him and then felt his belt being pilfered again. That kid was using the smoke as a cover to unarm him!

Growling, he used his rock-hand and tried to grab hold of that squirming, blue tail. There was a yelp that told him he was successful, but before he could tug the kid off, there was a loud explosion and Hellboy suddenly realized he was in midair and another ‘bamf’ told that the kid had already left him.

He flailed clumsily as he started to fall, and then realized the kid’s trick. Grab your foe, teleport them into the air, and then sit back and let gravity do the rest of the work.

The red demon fell heavily right into a series of struts and wooden beams, which cracked, splintered and broke under his weight. He tumbled through them awkwardly, finally landing on the bottom amid the broken wood, and to add insult to injury, he had not only squashed his tail under him as he had fallen, but a board from above hit his head as he sat there.

Hearing laughter, Hellboy looked and saw the kid demon nearby, laughing at him, clearly enjoying the sight.

Growling, he sprang up, and lunging forwards, grabbed him around the throat with his normal hand, and yanked him into the air. He idly noted that the tail flicked in clear surprise, and then coiled around the closest thing, which happened to be Hellboy’s own tail. He noticed that the kid’s tail also had that light, fur covering, but he snapped his tail down and away from the other tail’s grip, glaring at him, “Okay, kid, you’ve just pissed me off.” He drew his rock-hand back in a ready-to-punch position and snarled, “Wanna say anything before you get your nap?”

Though obviously surprised to be held off the ground by his throat, the kid demon only smirked and replied, “Shut your eyes… This’ll be dizzying for you.”

Confused, Hellboy just growled and went to punch the kid, but then indeed, felt a wave of dizziness hit him.

He released the other demon and fell to his knees, clutching his head in confusion, seeing the world swim in front of him and making him feel sick and ready to puke. He tried to get up and beat the living crap outta of that little demon, but he could barely stand, let along fight anything! Managing to climb to his feet, he quickly discovered that he couldn’t keep his balance! His tail swayed behind him, trying to keep him upright, but he toppled over, almost like he was drunk, his hooves kicking the air awkwardly and undignified as he tried to regain his feet.

Hellboy grunted as the dizziness finally ebbed away and he sprang upright, glaring around him. He couldn’t see that little demon anywhere, but he was going to find him and then beat him to a pulp!

But even as these wonderful thoughts of revenge swirled through his mind, Hellboy quickly noticed that something wasn’t right.

He was still in the warehouse, but something was off… VERY off…

Spinning around, he realized that somehow, the warehouse had grown to enormous size! That or he had shrunk. He had heard of these sorts of spells before, but he had never read any documented note of it, let alone experienced one firsthand!

There was suddenly movement behind him, a LOT of movement, and Hellboy shouted in surprised as he felt his tail grabbed and he was lifted into the air. This was a very new sensation and he instantly disliked it, trying to kick away whatever had had the nerve to grab him like this. After struggling in surprise and anger, Hellboy looked up and stared, confused.

He was looking right at that demon kid again, but now he was HUGE! The kid was holding him up by the tail easily, like a mouse or something! The blue demon narrowed his golden-yellow eyes as he looked at the small red demon, licking his lips. The white fangs and pink tongue showed in sharp contrast to the dark-colored skin, and Hellboy realized grimly what the kid had in store for him.

Shouting, Hellboy tried to get loose, but the blue demon lifted him above his head and then dropped him into his wide open maw.

The red demon scowled in disgust as he squashed against the tongue, feeling how soft and warm it was, but also how slimy. He could feel that he was halfway in the kid’s mouth, the lower teeth making an uncomfortable ridge against his gut. He tried to wriggle out, his hoofed feet kicking desperately as his tail flailed about helplessly. But then, the teeth closed on his waist, keeping him from moving backwards.

He felt the tongue shift and move under him, the tip of it poking painfully at his gut, almost experimentally. It then started working all over him, getting him sopping wet with warm, smelly slime. He shouted and cursed, trying to rear his rock-hand back for a punch. Maybe breaking one of those pretty little fangs would get his message across!

However, it seemed that the kid was expecting this, because although he was shifted around and moved a lot, Hellboy was never able to have enough room to move his right hand proper for any sort of defensive action. Apparently, this kid had done this before.

All of a sudden, it clicked.

This kid WAS the monster they had been sent here to find! This weird shrinking spell of his was why no bodies were ever found, and his teleportation the reason why there wasn’t any damage to anything. Though he was angry and pissed off beyond anything, Hellboy had to admit it was a clever system.

Hellboy felt himself pushed towards the back of the kid’s maw, able to see thanks to the fact that the mouth was still open as it tried to accommodate him. Hellboy experienced a grim satisfaction. His larger stature was giving this blue demon a bit of trouble!

But the kid adjusted quickly to his size and Hellboy scowled as he felt himself shoved firmly backwards. He tried to stop himself by using his normal hand, which he could move more easily, but the flesh he shoved at only yielded to his hand and it was sucked in.


He heard the thick gulp around him and he felt himself get shoved backwards by the powerful tongue in the uncomfortable position of his normal hand going first, then his head, resulting in his hornstubs grating against his arm. Oh, that was nice…

Halfway in the slippery gullet, Hellboy was now completely inside of the blue demon’s mouth, his legs kicking a bit as they touched the slimy, hot tongue. His tail coiled helplessly around one of the sharp fangs, looking for some sort of hold. Struck by an idea, he kicked more purposefully. Perhaps he could cause damage with his hooves? They weren’t designed for attacking, but they were sharp at the tips. It wasn’t an ideal plan, but maybe if he managed to kick him somewhere sensitive, he would be coughed up.

As he was laying on his front, he could only really attack the tongue, but he attacked with a vengeance, slamming the tips of his hooves down and shoving at the tongue, like he was trying to go further in. It seemed like suicide at first, but the red demon grinned darkly to himself as he felt the flesh stiffen around him as he felt additional wetness against his right foot as the soft flesh gave easily.

His victory was short-lived however. He gasped as the breath was crushed from his chest as there was another loud swallow, sucking him down deeper. There was a second or two of resistance as his tail clung desperately to the fang, but the kid easily solved this by gently licking at the fang in question. Hellboy cursed as the additional saliva made it harder and harder to hold on, and then he grunted as his tail slipped off, sucked down after him as the blue demon swallowed him whole.

Hellboy squirmed mightily in the tight confines of the demon’s gullet, but he knew that there was no chance of escape. He glared in a vaguely downwards direction, knowing that soon enough, he’d get squashed into the blue demon’s stomach and then things would turn very, very ugly. There was no reason to be scared, really. At least it would be quick.

He squirmed again, more out of discomfort than anything. Because of his weird angle, caused by his left hand going in the throat first, he was a bit contorted as he was squashed tightly. He tried to wriggle and ease the strain this was causing, but to no avail. But at least, by the way the throat was straining a bit with him, he took grim comfort in the knowledge that the demon wasn’t having an easy time of it either. He must really have been stretching the kid’s gullet to the max.

Grinning coldly, Hellboy kept moving around, pushing and shoving at the flesh. At least the kid would remember him for a while! He could hear the thick heartbeats a little bit below him somewhere, and could easily hear the loud breathing rushing so close-by. He could breathe easily at the moment, and he used his energy to really hurt the kid as much as he could.

All too soon, however, the heartbeat passed him by and Hellboy’s eyes widened in surprise as all squashing and support suddenly disappeared and he fell a sort ways down to land on the softest material he had ever felt before, even softer than the tongue from before! He struggled to sit up, finding that the softness of the floor made it very difficult to move around, but once he had gotten upright, he was able to keep that position relatively easily, though he used his left arm as a support to make sure he stayed up.

Reaching with his right hand, he fumbled over his belt and realized that either by luck, or more likely, bitter spite, the kid had left his flashlight on his belt. Though he had no desire to illuminate the chamber of his demise, he wanted to at least get a look at the place. He fumbled with it for a little while, his right hand not easily suited for the small tool. But he finally got it working, and held it up, looking around.

It was a fairly small chamber, barely more than 5 feet either way. The walls sloped upwards to a point, obviously the entrance, and the rest curved to form the rounded shaped of the stomach. The walls were all a soft pink color, and all were soft and yielding, but deceptively strong. There was no way to cut or injure them. They were also shiny and slick in the light of the little flashlight, obviously already dripping with acids.

Hellboy scowled at that thought, but turned, looking at the rest of the stomach.

And stared in shock as Abe looked back at him, seated rather comfortably on the other side of the pink chamber, greeting him in a rather bored tone; “Hey.”

Kurt sighed to himself as he leaned back against one of the still standing shelves, his hand rubbing possessively at his belly as his tail coiled and flicked around in delight.

Unlike Hellboy’s assumption, and correct by Abe’s, Kurt was actually human, but was also a mutant. As such, this had given him both his odd appearance as well as his even odder powers.

He had quickly adopted a dislike for the humans that walked and streets, but felt sympathetic for anyone else who was different and persecuted, like him. As such, he created his own personal war against the humans, using his shrinking and teleporting powers to his advantage as a means to slowly exterminate the abusive, intolerable human beings.

While he had taken great pleasure in hunting and devouring these two odd beings, he wasn’t going to hurt them. But they had certainly put up a fight, so he deemed it only fair that he enjoy them for a while before letting them go with the lingering threat of having this happen to them again if they betrayed his secret, but with more… acidic results.

Capturing Abe had been relatively easy. He had been so worried about a large creature, that a small one had easily ambushed him and Kurt had used that surprise to his advantage, shrinking down the fish-man before he could pull his stunned senses together to shout for help.

Kurt had been greatly amused by the fact that Abe was slippery to hold at his smaller size, just like a real fish, and Kurt had finally just shoved him into his mouth before he lost a grip of him. Though the slimy taste and texture were a little off-putting, the blue mutant couldn’t have that big red guy knowing about him until he was ready, so he had gulped, grinning in delight at how easily Abe had slid down, his slim form and slimy coating making it all the more simple!

On the way down, Abe had panicked at first, but as he was kept in long contact with the warm, wet flesh, he quickly learned about Kurt and that he was in no danger. He also learned that Hellboy was next, so when he finally slid down to the warm belly, Abe just settled back in the soft, forming flesh and waited. There was nothing he could do but wait and share his knowledge with Hellboy when he finally arrived.

Kurt had had a bit more trouble capturing the red demon. He was a seasoned fighter and as such, Kurt had to really earn his meal, finally tricking him into getting close enough to shrink him. He had been a bit worried at first about the demon’s size. He was much larger than Abe had been, and much more irritable and troublesome. Kurt licked at the roof of his mouth, feeling the tiny cut on his tongue caused by the gouging hoof; it had been an unpleasant surprise.

But he had finally managed to work the demon backwards enough and had swallowed him down, delighting in the rough pain of the process, knowing he had won. It had been a bit troublesome as the demon was in a weird position when he was swallowed, but thankfully, he had managed to go down the whole way without any real difficulty or danger to either of them.

As he stood there, enjoying his victory, Kurt was disappointed as he felt that both of his ‘preys’ were sitting calmly inside of him. He guessed it was because Abe was reassuring Hellboy that they were safe. He had noticed how oddly calm his first prey had become, but had brushed it off as he had gone stalking the second course.

But in either case, Kurt didn’t mind. Together, the two of them all but filled his belly, making it warm and heavy. He absolutely loved that feeling and rubbed a bit harder, a soft purr escaping his lips. He’d hang on to them for a few days to really get the point across that he was in charge, and after that, he’d let them go. But until then…

He stood up, giving his stomach a smug, playful pat, feeling a little bit of motion as a result. He then started to walk out of the building, easily avoiding the trucks waiting out front for the two odd beings.

Kurt silently and stealthily made his way to a nearby apartment complex that he usually stayed at, and teleported himself into one of the abandoned rooms at the top of the complex, settling down on the bed in there, rubbing again at his full belly.

He grinned hugely to himself, fangs bared, as he felt squirms as his preys tried to reorient their positions to deal with his lying down pose, and again, he felt himself purring a bit. He lay there and soon enough, fell right asleep.

Hellboy cursed as he sat up, wiping slime from his face. “He’s gonna keep us HOW long?!” he snapped irritably.

“A couple of days. He doesn’t have an exact number in mind.” Abe replied, able to easily move around and shift his position, much to the red demon’s ire.

“Great. Just GREAT.” The red demon snapped in reply, still struggling to get up, then just gave up and stayed on his back, sighing heavily as he crossed his arms over his chest, his tail flicking wetly against the floor. He hated how he could feel his hooves sink into the fleshy floor, but no matter how much he tried to find a different spot, the result was always the same.

“It could be worse.” Abe offered gently and a bit helplessly. “He could have decided to digest us instead.”

All he got for his trouble was a dark scowl from his friend, who snapped, “Oh, that’s just great. Thanks for THAT image, Blue!” He then rolled over irritably, his tail coiling down around his hooves. “See you in the morning. Night.”

Abe could only shake his head in wonder, but replied, “Goodnight.” and made himself comfortable, which was disturbingly easy to do.

This was going to be an interesting couple of days…