by GoldFox

Hellboy sighed as he shifted his position a little bit, feeling a bit of scratching as those suckered tentacles kept a firm grasp on him. He could feel them coiled on his legs, his arms, his waist, just everywhere! The green tentacles were amazingly gentle with him, though, always keeping him trapped, but not bothering him in the least!

He tried to wriggle loose, but again, he was held securely. This was the last time he tried to take on a new monster on his own. He had been grabbed by the damn thing and taken down through a lot of water. Struggling, he had been brought up into this weird room. After having his shirt and belt removed in one piece and undamaged, remarkably, he had been kept in this place, where there was a soft light coming off of the walls. He had been here for two days at least, and amazingly, he had discovered that this monster didn’t want to hurt him! He was being cared for and fed.

Fed a LOT.

He grunted in disapproval as a different set of tentacles came up again, a soft pink color without the tough texture of the ones holding him. A sweet smell reached his nose and he cast a glance down at his stomach, frowning at the slightly round bulge he saw.

Ever since he had been brought here, it was the same routine: He was held captive by the green tentacles, and every few hours those pink ones would come and feed him. Apparently they secreted some weird kind of food. It was very sweet, and it reminded him of orange sherbet, like melted ice-cream, but it was warm instead of cold. Each one would easily feed him half a gallon’s worth, and there were three of them. It was no wonder, therefore, that his belly was getting larger and larger as the time went by.

He turned his head as one of the pink tentacles tried to push it’s way to his mouth, but it kept persisting and finally, he relented and opened up, drinking in the odd ‘food’, feeling some of the extra drip onto his chest and shoulder. He would be lying, after all, if he said it wasn’t any good. He felt his stomach start to rebel and he turned his head aside, not wanting anymore.

But the tentacles disagreed. One of the green ones came up and forced his head to face forward and he was then force-fed the rest of his ‘meal’, the pink tentacle practically in his mouth, making him chose to either eat or suffocate.

So with a heavy sigh, Hellboy ate, ignoring how his belly was aching from all this sustenance.

Eventually, the pink tentacles all withdrew, their task done and Hellboy was left in the clutches of the green, suckered tentacles, his belly swollen to be even larger than last time as he licked his lips clean of that stuff. He wriggled, trying to get some room to ease the ache, and amazingly, the tentacles allowed this, letting him get to a more comfortable position before reaffirming their grasp and keeping him immobile.

Hellboy flexed his feet, the hooves tapping idly against the tentacles, but oddly enough, he had no desire to hurt this odd creature. It certainly wasn’t hurting him, or it would have done so by now!

His thick tail coiled a little bit around the nearest suckered tentacle as he shifted again, grabbing hold of one of the green tentacles with his stony hand, feeling it squish easily in his hand. His other hand, the normal one, was being held at the wrist, and he was unable to grab anything.

He wasn’t very comfortable being so helpless, but what could he do about it?

He fell into a light doze and only awoke when that sweet smell came to him again. He opened his eyes to see the pink, soft tentacles ready and waiting, already starting to secret that warm liquid. Again, he tried to avoid them, and again, he was forced to eat more of the stuff, his belly growing again in size accordingly. His stomach was aching quite a bit now, but he was firmly stuck. He would just have to deal with this until the others found him and got him out of this.

Until then, however, Hellboy could only drink as the tentacles pushed more of that liquid into his mouth, feeling his belly grow larger and larger…