‘Christmas Stuffing’

by GoldFox

This story is a sequel to ‘Birthday Stuffing’.

The morning sun rose on a landscape coated with pristine white snow. It was an alien landscape, unmarred and perfect. Everywhere there were only smooth curves and dips, none of the harsh corners of humanity. The world belonged to nature again, the gentle wind blowing dust-clouds of powdered crystals into the air, creating a soft rainbow for only an instant before the wind died down and the crystals fell back to the earth, once again coating it with its celestial perfection.

The snow, light and soft, caught the rays of the sun, making it appear that the land was coated with millions and millions of tiny diamonds. The reflected light caught the windows of the mansion perfectly, spreading thousands of tiny rainbows everywhere.

The air was washed clean, and smelled simply of snow; that bitter cold, refreshing smell of frozen ice crystals. It was peaceful. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

At least it was until the X-Men decided to go play outside.

Kurt led the charge, ‘porting outside to land deeply in a huge, soft snow drift while everyone else followed by piling out the main doors, Jamie complaining, “No pushing!” but then he slipped and ten more of him appeared. Kurt ignored him and ‘ported out of the drift to reappear ten feet in the air above it, dropping into the snow again, whooping. He then got out of the snow, running on all fours, looking like he was albino. He shook himself like a dog and promptly ran back into the drift.

As soon as they all got outside, Jubilee, Berserker and Iceman immediately began a snowball fight, and it spread to all those outside. Kurt stood up on a small hill and shouted unnecessarily, “Snow Ball Fight!” and was immediately pummeled with snowy orbs, ice balls, carefully made firecrackers and blasts of static electricity.

Jean and Scott watched from a window, smiling down at the younger inhabitants playing recklessly in the snow. Jean nudged Scott, saying knowingly, “You want to go play.”

Scott hugged her from behind, nuzzling her neck as he admitted, “Yeah.”

She tilted her head so he could get a better angle at her skin and asked softly while caressing the hand around her waist, “Then why don’t you?”

Scott then chuckled, muttering as he gently kissed at her skin, “Bad for my image.”

Jean laughed and playfully dug her nails into the back of his hand, asking, “What image? Scott, you’re a teenager! Have some fun!”

He then smiled and said, “Okay.”

Jean read his mind too late and buckled as he began to tickle her, ignoring her shouts of, “No, Scott!”

But the fun wouldn’t last long. Many of the inhabitants of the mansion were leaving today to go and see their families for the holidays. Even the teachers all left. Hank had borrowed an image inducer to go and see his family, Storm had gone with Evan, and Logan was out on the road somewhere. But before he left, he had approached the blue teleporter, threatening him with the amputation of certain below-the-belt body parts if he found so much as a single strand of blue fur on his new bike.

By that evening, the mansion was empty with the exception of the two telepaths, the optically talented teen and the blue furball. After a pleasant dinner, the professor had allowed Scott to build a fire and now they all lounged in front of it, the cracks and snaps of the logs breaking the stillness in a wonderfully unpredictable fashion. The professor was reading a book called ‘The Once And Future King’ when he noticed a change in the brain patterns of one of his charges. He looked down and couldn’t help but smile.

The three teens were on the floor, all curled up together. Scott, at the insistence of Jean and Kurt, had lain down, but as soon as he was flat, Kurt had jumped at him, straddling him, tail wrapped around Scott’s leg. Scott protested playfully and there followed a careful bit of wrestling, Jean laughing as she urged Kurt on. Finally, Scott relented, and lay down flat; Kurt sprawled on top of him, grinning in triumph. Kurt settled down on Scott’s chest, cheek pressed to the other’s collarbone, his purring vibrating against the older mutant’s chest as Jean caressed his back.

After a time, Kurt made a sound like a squeak and jerked his head up. He’d nearly fallen asleep. He blinked sleepily while Jean brushed the bangs from his face. Scott then undid the gesture by playfully ruffling Kurt’s hair, saying, “You sleepy already?”

Kurt nodded, like a little kid, and yawned hugely. He bared his fangs unintentionally and Scott chuckled, finding the elf indescribably cute. Kurt then crawled off of Scott and on all fours, walked silently over to the hearth of the fire. He plopped down on the stones, curled up facing the fire, and with a soft sighing purr, dozed off.

Scott chuckled at the display and rolled to his side, laying his head on his arm. Jean came and lay down in front of him. They shifted around so that Scott was spooning her, and he held her to him gently, idly rubbing his thumb on the skin of her stomach, watching the flames burn warmly.

After a pleasantly indescribable amount of time, Kurt suddenly woke up, feeling a tad too warm. He yawned, and stretched like a cat, arching his back. He then padded on all fours over to the two older teens. They were awake and looked back at him, smiling. Kurt blinked sleepily back at them and then deliberately nuzzled his way between them, whimpering and purring softly.

Jean rolled over and Kurt cuddled up between them, back to Scott’s chest; purring reduced to a soft rumble in his chest. Scott held the teleporter close, hhmmming happily. Kurt’s fur was warm from being by the fire and it was like hugging a furry hot water bottle. Jean cuddled in close, Kurt’s head pressed to her chest, and she and Scott sandwiched the German between them; gently so as not to wake him or cause him any discomfort. Jean smiled as she gently caressed Kurt’s arm, feeling the fur under the shirt.

Scott carefully used a hand to stroke Jean’s cheek, and she looked at him. His eyes were covered, but gold and silver thoughts of his love flowed to her mind and she blushed, smiling. Ever since the whole stranded-in-the-desert thing, Jean and Scott had come to terms with their feelings for each other. Every time Jean looked at Scott, if he didn’t say them aloud, his thoughts poured off him warmly, telling her with his heart just how much he loved her. Jean would return her thoughts to him and they’d just stare at each other, hearts talking softly. When they held, the bond was all the stronger.

Scott smiled wider and Jean realized she had let her thoughts speak a little louder than normal and she blushed deeper, but not from embarrassment. Scott reached and gently took her hand. He kissed the back of it, his peach-fuzz tickling it. He hadn’t shaved recently. Jean giggled softly and Scott smiled at her and she could almost feel his heart melting. He then smiled and gently set her hand down on Kurt’s head. The blue teleporter purred his subconscious approval of the situation as Jean began to gently scratch behind his ear. Suddenly, Scott murmured softly, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think that you’ll make a terrific mother.”

Jean looked up at him, asking softly, “Why do you think that?”

Scott carefully (so as not to jostle him) gestured to the blue elf curled up between them, saying, “Well, look how gentle you are with Kurt.”

She then smiled tenderly, saying softly, “Yeah…” stroking Kurt’s furry tail. The tail twitched and slowly wrapped around her wrist, Kurt’s purring increasing slightly. Jean smiled and continued to stroke the furry length of tail while Scott’s hand drifted under Kurt’s shirt, gently rubbing the warm fur on Kurt’s stomach, making the teleporter smile in his sleep, fangs revealed cutely. The professor watched them, smiling.

Around midnight the professor retired to bed and asked Scott to do the same. Scott nodded, feeling sleepy himself. He looked down and smiled deeply. Jean had fallen asleep, her head resting on his arm, and Kurt was snuggled up warmly to both teens; tail wrapped around Jean’s arm, legs entwined with Scott’s. Scott smiled and then reached and gently began to caress Jean’s cheek, saying softly, “Jean…”

She woke and blinked at him. The fire was dying down, illuminating the room in a warm red glow. She smiled at him and then tried to move, but felt resistance. She looked down and asked softly, “Great. How do we move?”

Scott smiled at her and said, “Watch this…” He then reached his hand down and sticking his fingers into the rip of Kurt’s pants, began to scratch lightly at the base of the teleporter’s tail.

Kurt twisted in his sleep, whimpering and giggling. The tail unwrapped itself from around Jean’s arm and instead coiled around the hand disturbing him. Jean backed up and stood, asking as Scott carefully stood up, holding Kurt in his arms, “How’d you know that?”

Scott smiled as Kurt cuddled to him, the tail slipped off his arm to wrap loosely around his waist, answering, “When Kurt first came to the mansion, he was really homesick. He’d come and sleep with me.” Jean smiled and they walked up the stairs, Jean going first to warn of any furniture. They got to Kurt’s room and Scott waited as Jean turned down the bed with her powers. Scott then put Kurt into the bed, and said with a smile, “Now shoo. This is guy time.”

Jean read his mind and realized he meant to undress Kurt and with a smile, walked out. After a few minutes, Scott came and brought her back in. He put his arm around her shoulder and leaned his head on hers and they just watched the blue elf sleeping soundly in the bed. Jean then said softly, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think that you’ll make a terrific father.” Scott smiled and kissed her cheek.

The next day, after a nice breakfast, the professor informed them that he had to leave for three days. It was for some political reason, and Kurt was too busy licking egg off his tail-tip to really listen. He just smiled and nodded. When the professor left an hour later, they all stood on the front porch to see him off.

As the taxi pulled out of sight, Kurt sidled up to Scott and muttered, “So, where is he going?”

Scott sighed good-naturedly, “Kurt…” and went back inside.

Kurt stood in the snow, asking incredulously, “What?!”

That afternoon, after they were exhausted from playing outside in the snow, (they had finally dragged Scott outside only to find that he was an expert in the warfare of snowballs), Jean got the idea in her head to go and see a movie. Kurt winced and began a stealthy retreat, but Scott grabbed his tail as he passed and said, “Oh no, you don’t… You’re coming with me, Wagner.” Kurt huffed and crossed his arms, muttering in German.

Surprisingly, ‘John Tucker Must Die’ was amusing to all three of them, and Kurt couldn’t stop laughing. As they walked out of the theater, he kept whispering, “Thong…” and then would burst out laughing.

Scott, battling between laughing as well and speaking seriously, managed out a weak, “K-Kurt. St-Stop. You’re embarrassing m-me.”

Kurt then played dirty. He whispered something to Jean, who grinned wickedly at Scott. He then yelped shrilly as he got a psychic wedgie. The safe haven of the bathroom being nowhere near, Scott was forced to endure the uncomfortable situation all the way to the car; Kurt sniggering while Jean was trying hard not to laugh.

The ride home was a sight to see. Kurt was giggling uncontrollably in the back seat while Scott drove with a very funny expression on his face. Jean had offered to fix the problem, but Scott had instantly refused, suspicious of any more psychic help with his under clothes. Being the gentleman he was, Scott wasn’t going to dare try and rearrange his undergarments with Jean in the car, so he ‘suffered’ in silence, gripping the steering wheel tightly.

After a while, Kurt stopped laughing only to begin whining that he was, not just hungry, but starving. Scott then replied tightly, “Kurt. You’re ALWAYS hungry.”

Kurt stuck his tongue out at him, muttering in protest, “Not ALWAYS. Just right now.”

When they got back to the mansion, Scott bolted, or rather waddled slightly, to the men’s bathroom and Jean went to the woman’s, saying she was going to take a bath. Kurt whined after her, “But I’m hungry!”

Jean sighed and replied patiently, “Kurt, why not just make yourself a dinner. Okay?” Kurt frowned but then smiled and nodded, walking towards the kitchen. Jean watched him go, smiling gently as she began to climb the stairs, looking forwards to a nice hot bath.

Kurt went into the kitchen, looking to see what he could find for dinner. What he found was enough food to feed over thirty people. His golden eyes lit up as he began to take dishes out of the fridge.

After fixing his underwear, Scott took a bath himself, sighing as he slid deep into the warm water. He loved wintertime. The cold weather outside made for the perfect excuse to take a nice, hot relaxing bath.

But then why was there this nagging thought in the back of his mind? Like he had forgotten to do something very, very important? But he shrugged it aside and ducked his head under the water. Jean too had a sneaking suspicion they had omitted something, but shrugged as she massaged shampoo into her hair.

Kurt, in the meanwhile, chuckled as he attacked a bit of leftover holiday turkey. About six plates lay empty on the floor in front of him, and Kurt grinned as he sank his fangs into the tender meat. He let his eyes drift shut as he chewed, relishing the moist meat. He preferred the white meat, as it tended to be not as dry, but the dark stuff had a bit more flavor to it, so he picked both plates clean, licking stray bits of turkey from his fingers.

Now clean, he moved on to the leftover cranberry sauce, licking his lips at the pleasantly tart taste. One perk of living with so many people was the sheer amount of leftovers. And the variety! In front of him were plates of mashed potatoes, turkey, veggie dishes (for the vegetarians in the mansion), sweet stuff and most importantly; Christmas cookies!

His belly was already a little bloated, and he paused to take off his shirt, undo his belt and unzip his pants, grateful that he had thought to wear boxers today. He grinned as he pulled a plate of sausages towards him, grinning hungrily at the unfortunate food item.

As Kurt took a huge bite, he thought blissfully, ‘I love Christmas’.

Jean was drying her hair when there was a tentative knock at the door. She replied easily, “No, you can’t come in yet, Scott. I’m not dressed.”

From the other side of the door Scott let out a sigh, saying, “You know, it’s REALLY creepy when you answer questions I haven’t even asked yet.”

Jean laughed and used her powers to quickly dress herself and said as she began to brush her hair. “You can come in now, Scott.” Scott did so, revealing he had already put on his PJ pant and shirt. He slipped behind Jean and began to dig in one of the drawers. Jean then said smoothly as she parted her hair neatly, “The floss is in the other drawer, Scott.” Scott glared playfully at her, but took the hint and got his floss. As they cleaned themselves, Jean said suddenly, “You know, Scott, when I was in the bath, I had the weirdest feeling. Like…”

Scott then finished for her, “Like you’d forgotten something important?”

Jean turned, saying, “Yeah. Exactly. You had it too?”

Scott nodded and threw the used bit of floss out, saying, “Yeah. I’ve been trying to figure it out.”

Jean shrugged and continued to brush, saying gently, “Well, we’ll think it over during dinner.”

Suddenly Scott went stiff and he muttered softly, “Oh no…”

Jean, sensing his distress, asked, “What?”

Scott began to walk out of the bathroom, saying simply, “Kurt.”

Jean followed, asking, “What about him?”

Scott then turned to her and asked with a raised eyebrow, “Remember his birthday?”

Jean winced and asked, “He wouldn’t. Would he?”

“Yeah. He would.” Scott said softly.

They stood at the doorway of the living room, staring. Kurt was surrounded by nearly a dozen empty plates and the guilty elf was lying stretched out flat on his back on the floor, purring as he rubbed a three-fingered hand on his huge stomach. He wasn’t as big as he had been on his birthday, but it was impressive none the less. Kurt had his eyes closed as he sucked a finger, purring softly.

Jean then asked in shock, “Kurt?” She only knew second-hand how Scott had found Kurt after his birthday feast and was severely shocked by the fat elf before her.

Kurt’s head jerked, making him look ‘up’ at them. They all stared at each other for a while before Kurt said sheepishly, “Umm… hi?”

Scott then came up beside Kurt and playfully dug his toes into the teleporter’s side, saying gently, “You little pig.”

The tail whipped up and wrapped around Scott’s foot as the German said with a smile, “Elf, not pig.” He then made a peace offering, pointing to the table and saying as he released Scott’s foot, “I left you some. If you want.”

Scott looked and saw two plates on the table. Sitting in them were decent sized slices of cherry pie. They were perfectly done and one could see that whole cherries had been used. The red syrup gave the fruits a soft delicious glow and Scott had to admit he was tempted. But then he got a wicked idea and looking at Jean, said, “You know, Jean, I don’t think Kurt has had enough.”

Both Jean and Kurt looked at him like he was crazy, asking in unison, “What!?”

Scott looked pointedly at Jean and she got the hint, reading his mind. Then she too began to smile and said as she picked up the two plates, “I think you’re right.”

Kurt tried to sit up, but Scott was already kneeling beside him, holding him down gently. Kurt didn’t squirm, but asked in slight worry, “What are you doing?”

Jean got a fork and came to sit down on the other side of the stuffed elf. She put the plates down and took over Scott’s job of holding the teleporter down. Scott then picked up a plate and the fork and got a piece of the pie on the utensil and said playfully, “Open wide, Nightcrawler.”

Kurt didn’t exactly resist, but he was reluctant, opening his mouth just a little.

Scott playfully tapped the side of the fork on a fang, saying, “Wider.”

Kurt then gulped and opened wide. He wasn’t hungry anymore, but as soon as the pastry was gently deposited in his mouth, he tasted the delicious, irresistible sweetness of the cherries. He grinned as he chewed and swallowed with satisfaction. He licked his lips and looked up at Scott, who was getting another forkful ready and purred softly, “I hate you.”

Scott smiled at him and just fed him again.

Half an hour later found one slice gone and Kurt half-way through the second. Jean took over the feeding of the elf while Scott gently rubbed his hand on Kurt’s stomach, ruffling the fur gently. They never really had to hold him down in the first place, and they certainly didn’t need to now. Scott chuckled as he felt Kurt’s purring vibrate the flesh under his hand. The blue teleporter’s body felt so soft and warm and the way Kurt was purring so helplessly made him all the cuter.

Scott ran his hand over the elf’s chest, feeling the ribs and then ran down with the fur to the soft, bloated belly. He continued the cycle, smiling as Kurt squirmed a little in mild resistance. The tail was limp, loosely coiled around Kurt’s body. Jean then jerked Scott out of his revere by holding out something red and round. It was the last cherry of the pie. Scott grinned and took it. He then leaned over Kurt and said, “Last one, Kurt.”

The over-stuffed teleporter blinked lazily up at him, grinning softly. Slowly, the meaning of the words penetrated the thick sleepy haze in his brain and he opened his mouth. Scott then gripped the cherry between his first and middle finger and carefully lowered it into the elf’s mouth, careful not to scratch himself on the fangs. As he was about to withdraw, however, Kurt got a little bit of revenge. He shut his mouth on Scott’s fingers, fangs poking into the skin playfully. The fangs were pressed just hard enough into the finger to keep it from moving. Scott was stuck.

Kurt smiled at him, lips wrapped snugly around Scott’s fingers up to the second knuckle. Scott then pleaded to Jean, “Jean, help! He’s got me!”

Jean then shrugged, saying as she took the plates into the kitchen, “It’s your own fault, Scott. I thought you knew better than to put your fingers in his mouth.” Kurt smiled smugly and carefully swallowed the cherry. Scott watched as the elf gulped, briefly worried he’d choke or something. But Kurt was fine and one three-fingered hand came up to rub at the huge gut, his purring vibrating Scott’s fingers. Scott then chuckled, “NOW I think you’ve had enough.”

Kurt nodded and released Scott’s hand to yawn hugely.

Scott then got up, and said, “Jean, can you stay with him? I’ll be right back.” Jean nodded and as Scott left, sat down beside Kurt, smoothing back his hair gently as the elf yawned again, quieter this time. Scott returned shortly with a pillow and a blanket. He eased the pillow under Kurt’s head and draped the cloth over Kurt’s bare, furry chest.

Kurt hugged the blanket close, muttering, “Thanks, guys. Oh and by the way, I didn’t mean it. I don’t hate you.”

Scott smiled as Jean tucked the edges of the blanket under Kurt’s arms, saying softly, “We know, Kurt. We know.”

Snug and full, Kurt drifted off to sleep almost immediately. Scott and Jean stayed nearby, gently caressing the German’s blue hair and fur. After a time, Scott disappeared again to get two more pillows and a slightly larger blanket. He spread the blanket out and lay down the two pillows. He lay on one and Jean joined him on the second. Scott reached over and closed the blanket around them and the three of them spent the night on the living room floor.

They couldn’t have been happier.