‘Appearances Are Deceiving’

by GoldFox

Notes: This is an older version of Evo-Kurt. He’s 26 in this story. He never went to the states, never met the X-Men, and in this version, he doesn’t have teleportation. Oh, and any speech in the story is actually in German.

The day was perfect. There were no clouds in the sky, and while the sun was hot, a soft breeze was blowing, cooling the air to be warm and dry. It was the beginning of summer, so there were still plenty of flowers around, which had been the purpose of Kurt’s trip that day. To surprise his mother for her birthday, he had driven out, saying he was going to town, and then had gone onto a small side road, driven deep into the forest, finally coming to the meadow. He had found it years about, when he had been about 16, and for a good ten years now, had kept coming back. Perhaps it was minerals in the soils, perhaps it was the amount of sun and rain and wind, but for some reason, the flowers in this particular part of the German landscape always grew with strange colors in the petals. He had planted some tulips there a few years ago and when they had bloomed, he had been shocked to find thin threads of blue color in the yellow petals.

And now, every year, he would go when it was nearing the end of the flower’s growing time and pick a few, letting the others take nature’s course. He didn’t want to deplete them after all, even though the patch had grown rather decently large over the numerous years.

He gathered up about 6 and wrapped them tenderly in cloth. He took some string and tying it around the base of the cut stems, hung the flowers upside down in the car, which had the windows down. This would help so that they wouldn’t wilt as fast.

It was about noon now, and a nap in the shade of the trees didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Kurt walked back up the hill to where a lone tree stood. He sighed as he sat down in its shade, shutting his eyes and enjoying the breeze as it ruffled his hair. He used to have his hair well down to his shoulders and bangs that were down to his mouth. It had given him a cute, elf-like appearance that his mother had found adorable and he had liked the style. But as he grew older, he had cut it shorter. Now the back reached down to be level with his chin, while the bangs were hardly a few inches long. He was still cute, but now it suited his more mature age.

His body hadn’t changed much from his teenage years. The only noticeable change was that he had filled out more. He was still slim and flexible, but his muscles had grown a bit thicker, a bit stronger.

He lay down in the grass, feeling the green stalks ruffle the fur on his legs. That felt nice! He did it again, grinning as he flexed the two toes, wriggling them in the cool grass. He got into a crouch, balancing easily on his cat-like feet thanks to his extra appendage; a six-foot, muscular barbed tail. The tail straightened out behind him, keeping him in balance as he reached forwards and plucked a small dandelion with his hand, deftly snapping the stem. He held the flower delicately in his three-fingered hand as he lifted it to his face, sniffing. He smiled, revealing fangs, and childishly, tucked the flower behind his pointed ear.

He smiled as he lay down on his back, staring up at the sunlight filtering in through the tree’s leaves. His eyes were adapted for night vision, the golden orbs able to absorb any available light, but thankfully, they could handle normal sunlight with hurting him. He sighed as he stretched, lifting a corner of his shirt to scratch idly at the fur covering his stomach. The fur actually covered his whole body and while it didn’t exactly provide him with warmth, like an animal’s fur, it did allow him to disappear completely in the dark and the shadows.

Well, almost completely. His golden eyes were often glowing in the darkness, revealing his position.

Kurt smiled as he breathed deeply of the warm, dry air, and shut his eyes. A little nap to pass the time, and then he’d head back home and surprise everyone!

Raindrops hitting his toes woke him. Kurt sat up to find that the sky had taken a turn for the worst. What on earth!? He quickly worked his way backwards to be completely pressed against the trunk of the tree, watching as the drops grew to be thick and heavy in only a few short minutes. Softly, he cursed his luck. Just great… He was going to be soaked and even though his fur was nowhere near as long as a dog’s, it still smelled a bit when he got wet. He scowled out at the rain, his tail flicking back and forth in agitation, just like a cat.

Maybe if he waited, it would ease up and he could make a run for the car. But as five minutes grew to twenty and the rain only became harder, he got up, sighing. The weather just wasn’t going to let up! He took a breath and then ran out into the rain, heading downhill, to the car, covering his head with his arms. He would get in and then drive home, shower and then borrow some of his father’s cologne to mask the less-than-pleasant smell before giving his mother the flowers.

He came to where he had parked the car, but he couldn’t find it! He squinting, trying to see in the rain, his efforts not helped by the fact it was rapidly growing very dark. He ran under one of the trees, where the rain wasn’t falling as hard, and looked around again. He couldn’t see a thing in his downpour! He let out a curse as he huffed, shaking. The rain was cold, soaking the fur and his clothes, chilling him.

He scowled. He must have parked it further down the road than he had thought. Muttering, he started to walk, his bare toes splashing in the rapidly filling and deepening puddles, the muddy water splashing up to his calves, dirtying and soaking the fur. He grumbled again. Great…

As he kept walking, he found himself worrying a little. He couldn’t have possibly park the car this far from where he had been sitting! He stopped and looked around him again, but the driving rain reduced visibility to about 10 feet or so. He then shrugged and started to walk with purpose now. He’d just walk home. It wasn’t that far. He could come back for the car tomorrow, when it was dry and sunny.

He wrapped his arms around himself and tried to keep warm, ruing the decision to wear a t-shirt that day. He was freezing cold now and even his tail was shaking badly! He grabbed the extra limb and cuddled it to his chest, rubbing it to try and keep the circulation going. If you think having pins and needles in your FOOT is bad, try a tail! It was murder!

As he walked, the rain grew even HEAVIER if such a thing was possible! He looked up, deciding that the first house he found would be the one to shelter him for the night. But then he glanced down at his body, the blue fur soaked and muddy, his golden eyes glowing brightly. He sighed a bit. He just hoped he didn’t scare the owner half to death!

Suddenly up ahead, through a slight lessening of the rain, Kurt saw a light. A house? The rain picked up again, hiding it from him, but he changed direction to head towards the light he had seen, his steps quicker now with the promise of shelter. Even if it was an old hunting shack, it would do! Anything to get out of the rain!

The light had been a lantern on a gate and he paused at it, he felt his jaw drop. He’d been hoping for a shack and he got a mansion!

It was an enormous house, tall and imposing, with architecture that seemed to be gothic and old. And yet at the same time, the house appeared well kept. The roof tiles were clean and not rotted at all, the same went for the wood and the banisters and the supports. He tugged at the gate and to his relief, it opened at his touch, reluctantly, but it opened, the hinges squealing in protest due to thick rust. Apparently, not all of the place was as well-kept as the house.

But Kurt didn’t mind and ran to the house, knocking on the front door. For a time, he heard nothing, so he tried again, shouting over the rain, “Is someone home!?” The lights were on inside, so someone had to be home! He stood in the rain, shaking and shivering and found with distress that his tail had gone numb and limp. Desperate now, he tugged at the door, and like the gate, it was unlocked. Surprised, but not questioning his good fortune, he let himself in, and for a minute or two, stood dripping on the mat staring around him.

The interior of the building was very well kept, just like the outside. The structure had a medieval feeling to it, from the towering ceiling to the enormous fireplace to the vast, grandeur structure of the place. Suddenly, he had the old sensations and thoughts of magic and old times long passed and ancient rituals. He shook this feeling off, scolding himself for reading far too many fairytale books as a kid.

The fireplace drew his attention and Kurt walked over to it, crouching before warmth from the flames, rubbing his arms and legs to try and dry himself off. He knew how rude this was, just wandering into someone’s home, but he needed a place to dry off and maybe sleep the night, then he’d be gone! He rubbed his hand together, wriggling the fingers to get the feeling back in them. He just hoped that they would listen to him and not run off screaming once they saw a ‘demon’ in their home.

He stood and turned on the spot, slowly but surely drying every single strand of his hair and fur, sighing. Much better! He stayed before the fire for a bit longer, until he was completely dry and then looked down at himself. The muddy water had dried to cake mud on his feet, but right now, he didn’t mind. At least he wasn’t wet anymore! He wrinkled his nose at the smell he was emitting, but knew that it was from the dried mud and muck. He’d have to take a bath to be totally clean.

He turned again, warming himself and then he smiled. He crouched down with his back to the fire and reaching behind him, began to knead and caress the tail, rubbing the fire’s warmth into it, purring as the feeling began to creep back down the extra, blue limb. He winced when he felt the pins and needles coming on, and bit his lip as he felt the sensations trickled up and down his spine, making him feel like the limb would snap off if he so much as moved a hair.

Thankfully, the painful sensation soon faded and the limb was as sensitive and useful as ever, helping him to remove his shirt and hang it by a metal grill by the fire. He withdrew from the intense heat to a more comfortable spot, now working to try and clean himself, but it was hopeless. That mud was caked on too hard. He’d have to scrub for hours to get that off! Once his shirt was dry, he put it back on. He would have dried his pants, but knew that taking off his pants in a strange house and then being found by the owner would be enough reasons for him to be kicked out. He’d just have to wait until he could have a bath.

His stomach suddenly growled and it occurred in his mind that he was utterly starving. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast, not having planned to have been gone for so long. Perhaps it was his hunger affecting his mind, but he suddenly smelled food. He sniffed again at the air and then looked to his left, where there was a door he hadn’t noticed before. Curious, he went through it, pushing it slowly, so as not to startle anyone inside. He was greeted by the sight of a long, wooden table covered with food, like for a King’s banquet! A various assortment of meats, veggies and various other things covered the table, still steaming hot!

Kurt hesitated, but then shrugged. He’d apologize to the owner whenever they showed up. He was hungry!

He went to the table and found something interesting. There was only one place setting. He looked at the table and then at the single, lonely plate and couldn’t help but be confused. How on earth could someone even hope to eat that much food without bursting?

He took the plate and then went down the table, taking bits of this and that, focusing more on the meats than the veggies. He had nothing against carrots or potatoes, but he preferred the chicken and ham and pork. He smiled, licking his lips, feeling his fangs with his tongue. He didn’t have these fangs for nothing after all!

He took the plate back to the seat and again, was hesitant about sitting down. But after getting a good whiff of the food, his stomach ruled over his reasoning and he sat down, starting immediately to eat. He was amazed. Everything was so succulent and wonderful and so tasty! He just couldn’t stop! He suddenly noticed a bottle of wine by his glass and with a smile, poured himself a small amount. He gave it a sip and then smiled widely, pouring himself a second, more generous, helping.

When he had finished his plate, he felt decently full, and yet at the same thing, he was still hungry. He couldn’t really explain it, but he got up and gave himself another serving without a second thought, almost drooling in anticipation. He finished this second portion without really noticing it and immediately went back for another. But this time, he vaguely noticed that his stomach was bulging by just a little bit, pushing at the waistband of his pants. He stopped eating for a second to poke at his gut. He had never eaten this much before!

“Well, I see you finally arrived.”

Kurt’s head jerked around to behold a beauty. She was about his age, but she still held the grace and slenderness of a teenager. Her hair, soft and shiny-looking, was a soft golden color, flowing down to end just below her shoulders. He had a slender, delicate face with bright blue eyes. She smiled as walked forwards and he saw that she wore a green, velvet dress. The front of the dress was cut low, almost suggestively low and Kurt found himself having to jerk his eyes back up to her face. If she noticed this, she made no sign of it, coming over to stand beside him, placing her hand gently on his shoulder, smiling at him. “We were worried that you wouldn’t come!”

Kurt stared at her, stunned. What was she talking about? He had never seen her or this house before! Perhaps she had him confused with someone else? He gave her a hesitant grin, but then closed his mouth remembering his fangs. “I think you might have me confused with someone else…” he said gently. “I’ve never met you bef--”

“Oh, but just look at you!” the woman suddenly said, pointing to his pant legs and feet. “You’re filthy! Oh, you poor thing, did you have to walk through that awful storm?”

Kurt could only nod, too confused to form a protest to this beautiful lady. Somehow, his looks weren’t scaring her away! He grinned a little. Perhaps this wasn’t such a bad thing after all!

The lady clapped her hands and three men dressed in simple grey clothes appeared. They all looked the same with the slight differences of hair color and style, but they all had the same eyes; silver with no pupil. Almost like his own, but yet… not. Kurt knew that his eyes had a glow to them. Those silver eyes looked… lifeless.

He jerked when she gently put her hand on his head, saying soothingly, “Now you just relax! These three will show you to the bathroom, and you can wash up, and then get to bed! You look exhausted, you poor thing!”

Again, Kurt found himself numbly obeying, and it wasn’t until he’d been led out of the room by one of the silver-eyed men did he think that this was very strange. He gently tapped the shoulder of the man, asking, “I’m a little bit confused. What is going?”

The man turned to him, his eyes and expression blank.

Kurt withdrew, asking in surprise, “You don’t speak German?”

Again, there was a blank stare, and Kurt could only wonder as he was led to an elaborate bathroom. He walked in, amazed. There was a large bathtub, already full of steaming water and plenty of soap on the side to clean himself with. And to his great surprise, next to the soap was a small brush, the very same kind he used to scrub his fur with! Nearby were thick towels and a clean set of soft-looking robes, obviously meant for him.

Again, that odd thought that something was wrong nagged at his brain. How was it that everything was set up just for him, when he had never even seen this house before in his life?

He turned to question the servant, but he had gone, leaving Kurt alone. Kurt hesitated for a little bit of time after that. This wasn’t right… Something was wrong…

But then he sighed, feeling very weary. He just couldn’t refuse the offered bath. It was good and hot and he knew it would work wonders on his fur. So he shut the door behind him and stripped off his clothes, folding them and putting them on the counter. He’d ask to clean them later, so they’d be clean and dry for tomorrow when he left.

He slipped a foot into the bath, sighing loudly. It felt wonderful! The water was hot and yet, not burning, the heat seeping into his muscles which had been chilled by the rain.

Wait. Hadn’t he dried himself at the fire?

And yet, he felt freezing and wet and cold, like he’d just come in from the rain.

He shivered and quickly got into the bath, lowering himself until only his head was left. He felt his body relaxing. That was SO good! He took a deep breath, feeling the steam fill his lungs, soothing them, and then ducked his head under the water. He came back up, expelling the air in a gasp. He had never felt so good in a bath before!

He sat up and grabbed for the little brush and started to work on his feet, scrubbing the fur and skin, watching as the dirt came off surprisingly easily. The hot water must have done the trick to loosen up the tough clumps.

He then proceeded to wash every bit of himself, giving the brush to his tail so he could do his back, sighing and smiling. That felt wonderful! Once his fur was done, he turned his attention to his rain-soaked head and lathered in shampoo, feeling the cold wetness of the rain wash away.

Again, there was a brief hesitation. He had dunked his head in this water only a minute ago! Why did his hair feel so cold?

He was a little disturbed as he kept washing, but no matter how hard he tried to hang on to these suspicions, they faded with the warmth of the water and he simply enjoyed himself as he washed the short indigo hair, scrubbing thoroughly to get every inch of his scalp clean and soft.

He soon finished, but was hesitant about getting out of the tub. He knew the air would be cold to him, after being in the hot water for so long. How had it managed to stay so warm for so long was the question he didn’t consider as he took a breath and stood up. But to his surprise, the air seemed to be just as warm as the water so he was able to dry himself comfortably with the towel after getting out, ruffling the fur to dry it. He felt so warm and clean and soft! It was a truly wonderful feeling after all that horrid rain.

He dressed in the offered clothes and then opened the door, finding that servant still there. The servant looked at him with that odd blank stare again, and walked wordlessly down the hall to a door about 20 feet or so away. Kurt followed and was shown to a wonderful bedroom. He smiled at the servant and then went inside, going to the bed and pushing down on it experimentally. He purred softly at feeling his hand sink into what were obviously down-filled covers.

He slid into the bed and purred softly to himself as he snuggled into the sheets. They were so soft and warm! It was heavenly! He was asleep hardly a few minutes later.

The next morning, Kurt was awoken by the sound of a soft chime. He blinked groggily and saw it was coming from the clock by the door. He rubbed his eyes and saw it was about 9 in the morning. He’d overslept.

But she smiled and he pushed his face back against the pillow. It was no wonder with this kind of bed! He felt like he never wanted to leave! But he felt hungry, so it was time for breakfast!

He got up and stood, stretching, but then noticed something odd about his shirt. He took it off and saw it was actually his own body which was weird. He put his hand on his pudgy stomach, confused. This was new… Usually, his metabolism allowed him to rapidly digest his food. So a meal like that night would have been worked off overnight, and he wouldn’t eat again until the next night. But here he was; still plump and hungry again?

His brow furrowed as he poked at himself. Was this normal? Somehow, he had a hard time remembering. He guessed it was, though. He had eaten so much the night before! So he smiled as he put the shirt back on. He was just being silly! He’d just go down, see the hostess and…

And what?

Oh right! Say good bye. He had to go back and find the car and then go home!

Kurt yawned a bit as he made his way to the door, ignoring the slippers that were offered at the end of the bed. They wouldn’t fit his feet, so there was no point in getting them dirty.

He was greeted by the servant again, but he had given up trying to talk to him. The man was just not responsive!

Once downstairs, he was greeted by the lady again, still in that velvety green dress. She gave him a hug, saying, “My my, slept in a little late, didn’t we? I trust you enjoyed your night’s stay?”

Kurt smiled at her, nodding. “Yes, it was wonderful. Thank you very much for your hospitality, but I have to go.”

“Oh. So soon?” The sudden sadness on her face made Kurt feel very guilt for some reason. Like he had greatly offended her.

He tried to correct his error, saying, “You see… I had just stumbled in last night… I had been on my way home and…” Those blue eyes of hers were welling up with tears and he felt terrible. So he sighed, saying, “I can stay for breakfast, but then I simply have to go. My family will be expecting me.”

She smiled at him, her eyes glittering happily and he felt better, smiling as she gave him a kiss on the cheek and then lead him to the table, saying with a smile, “Here you go, darling, but I’m afraid the weather is conspiring against you today. It’s still raining outside! Look!” She pointed out the window, there the rain lashed at the window, even worse than the night before, the sunlight muted to practically nothing thanks to the thick clouds that covered the sky.

Kurt groaned a little, saying, “Oh no… I thought it would have let up by now!”

“Well, you are welcome to stay here until it lets up!” she said with a smile, gently caressing his cheek.

Kurt felt himself blushes as the three servants came in, bearing dishes. He was used to people being startled, even frightened, by his appearance, so having this woman being so kind and accepting to him. It was a very unique feeling and he was enjoying it immensely. The servants put the three covered dishes on the table and Kurt smiled as the lids were removed to reveal an enormous breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast and quite a lot of other items. Kurt immediately began to dig in, enjoying the food to such a degree that he hardly noticed the servants and the woman leaving.

He sighed in relief when he had finished the last bit of bacon. He felt so full now! He got up, a little heavily, and chuckled at himself. He had always been a glutton and here was the proof! Being so full you can barely keep yourself straight!

He left the dining room and entered the hall, where he found several thick pillows on the floor in front of the fire. Feeling very tired after such a huge breakfast, he made himself comfortable.

He lay on his back, watching the flames burning resting his hand on his stomach. It was a little bigger now, but nothing out of the norm. With a loose shirt, he could hide it until his body decided to wake up and set about digesting all that food at its normal, rapid pace.

But for now… He yawned hugely and his tail flopped pleasantly on the thick pillows as he rubbed at his stomach. He kinda enjoyed feeling his stomach being so soft and pudgy… He smiled but then heard footsteps. It was the woman, smiling at him. “Oh… You’re sleepy now?”

Kurt nodded, his eyesight growing hazy. He was very tired! In fact, so tired and sleepy he was seeing things. For example, one second, looking at the woman, he could see her shadow on the wall and he found himself looking at the curves of her body on the wall. His eyes traced the curves of her back and sides down to her bushy tail, and then down to her slender feet and…

Wait. What?

He blinked and looked against, but the shadow was normal. He then saw it had been her dress that had folded, creating the illusion. He chuckled and said, “I’m very tired. Is it okay if I sleep here for a bit to get my strength back?”

She smiled at him, and nodded, walking out of the room.

Kurt laughed at himself. For a second, right before he slept, he could have sworn her shadow now sported large, pointed ears, like a fox! Talk about strange hallucinations!

He fell asleep right after that, purring to himself as he slumbered in front of the warm fire, not even noticing the roar of the wind outside, the drumming of the rain on the roof.

A soft chime woke Kurt and he blinked. He was back in his room, and the clock was telling him that it was about 8:45. Kurt stretched. The servants must have put him back into his room. How kind of them!

He got up and found he was dressed still in the soft, clean clothes and grinned. Man, he thought only kings got this kind of treatment! He found that his shirt didn’t fit very well and looking down, saw the cause. His stomach was still bulging from that big breakfast he had eaten and the shirt just couldn’t hold it! So he took the shirt off and let it stay on the bed.

But he didn’t mind the round shape of his stomach and grinned as he patted it. It felt kinda nice… Soft and full… He sat down on the edge of the bed, purring as he lay on his back. He had no idea why he was thinking or feeling these things, but he didn’t mind in the least!

He went and opened the door, finding that servant there again. He followed him downstairs, where the woman greeted him with a hug and a kiss. If she noticed his shirtlessness, she made no mention of it. “Someone overslept! You must have been so tired to sleep the whole night through with that storm making such a racquet!” she said cheerfully, taking him by the hand and leading him to the dining room.

Kurt was confused. “What?” The whole night? He had gone to sleep at barely 10 am!

“It’s nine in the morning, you silly thing!” she said with a smile, sitting him down at the table.

“M-Morning? No… I… I had just slept… Only a few hours… ago…” Kurt tried to think. His mind was sleepy and fuzzy and it was hard to think.

But Kurt’s protests were unheard as the woman said grandly, “Come and sit, dear! My servants have breakfast all ready for you!”

This sparked something in Kurt’s mind as he said, “What? Uh… No… No I have to go… somewhere…” His sentence flattered and crumbled as he realized he didn’t remember what he needed to go and do.

The woman appeared shocked, saying, “Oh, but dear, look outside! It’s pouring out there!” Kurt looked at where she was pointing and sure enough, the rain beat against the glass window panes and hammered on the roof. She then gently smoothed back his hair, saying, “You simply must stay until that beastly rain ends.” She then looked at him, her blue eyes bright. “You will stay, won’t you? Hmm?”

Kurt didn’t want to disappoint the poor, needy thing, so he nodded, saying, “Uh… Okay, sure…”

“Oh, wonderful!” She smiled broadly at him and then clapped her hands, saying, “Now… Breakfast!”

When Kurt saw the servants coming in, he suddenly felt his full stomach anew and said, “Oh, no thank you, miss. I’m still full from the last breakfast you gave me.”

She gave him a blank, confused look as she said, “What breakfast? You only arrived here last night.”

“Last night?” Kurt repeated.

“Yes, you were soaked to the bone, you poor thing!” She gently stroked his arm, as if trying to dry him.

“But…” Kurt was so confused now. Hadn’t he had breakfast here already? He could have sworn that he did…

A warm hand on his arm made him look at the woman, who gave him a gentle smile, saying, “I think you were just dreaming.”

Kurt nodded. Of course! What a perfect explanation! “A dream… Yeah… It was a dream…”

“Though I’m flattered that you would dream of my cooking.” She laughed lightly. “Come on! Time to eat!”

Numbly, Kurt obeyed, barely noticing that the woman and her servants left him alone to eat in peace. As he ate, he noticed that this breakfast seemed to be larger than the last one.

No, wait… He had dreamt the last one… Hadn’t he?

He was so confused, so he decided to ignore his thoughts and focus on eating the food instead it was delicious and he just couldn’t get enough of it!

After he had finished, the woman came in again, saying with a smile, “Oh, finished already? My, you’ve got a very healthy appetite!”

Kurt smiled at her and then got up from the table, having trouble thanks to his now bloated stomach. It was like he had swallowed a beach ball whole! She led him into the room with the fire place, and just like he remembered, there were the pillows.

No, wait… Just like he had DREAMED…

His head was spinning from having to think this much, or was it just from having to move himself around? He was so big now… And so tired! But he swore to himself not to sleep. He called to the woman, asking, “I was wondering if you’d stay with me and talk with me for a while, please?”

She smiled at him and came over, snuggling right next to him on the pillows.

Kurt was struck at how open and accepting she was of him. She hadn’t even mentioned his odd body yet! He decided not to question this stroke of luck. For a few hours, they talked of a lot of things, of the summer flowers, of the happening in town, of the big snowfall two years ago, of the rain outside.

One of the servants suddenly came and whispered something to her and she looked up in surprise, saying, “Can you believe we’ve been talking for a good six hours?”

Kurt blinked. “Really?” It had felt like barely two.

She nodded, smiling. “He came to say that dinner’s all ready! Please, come and join me!”

“Uh…” Kurt put his hand on his bloated stomach, biting his lips. He really shouldn’t…

“Please?” Hey eyes were so pleading and cute that he nodded, grunting as he stood up. She smiled and walked off to the dining room.

Just before she slipped out the door, Kurt stared at her shadow on the wall. For some reason, and he was sure it wasn’t due to folding clothes or anything like that, but the shadow appeared to have a bushy, fox-like tail and pointed fox ears again! But… her body looked normal!

He was unable to explain this and shrugged it off. Now was a time to think of better things, like her excellent cooking! He was suddenly starving and followed her eagerly into the dining room, where an enormous lunch had been set up.

He took his place eagerly, smiling. She sat next to him, and with a grin, loaded up his plate. Kurt attacked it immediately, taking great delight when he sank his fangs into a bit of roasted chicken. It was delicious and he was quick to finish it and reach for another piece. He could feel his stomach being restrained by the table, but he didn’t care, biting eagerly into the chicken leg.

But after half an hour of eager consumption, Kurt’s stomach finally decided that enough was enough and he groaned as he pushed the plate away from him. “Oh… That’s it… I’m done…”

But the woman was suddenly right next to him, almost murring, “Oh no, you’re not! Lookit everything you didn’t finish!”

Kurt looked and winced. There were still lots and lots of plates left. But he couldn’t eat all of that! His stomach would burst! He was already bigger than a large beach ball as it was! He tried to resist, but then she was holding a small bit f chicken to his mouth. “Come on…” She insisted, pressing it a bit. “You know you want it…”

Kurt tried to protest that he didn’t want it, but the second he opened his mouth, she pushed the chicken inside and he had no choice but to swallow. He tried to get up, but she was already offering a forkful of roasted pork. Kurt winced as tried to turn his head away, but he was again fed, though he resisted. He tried to keep his mouth shut the next time, but she had grinned and gently used the fork to poke at his lip. He opened his mouth to tell her to stop, and again, got a piece of food shoved into his mouth.

Kurt then decided that this was going too far and the next time a loaded fork came, he grabbed it. “Look, I will admit that I love your cooking, but enough is enough! I’m full!”

The woman, instead of getting angry, just smiled at him and lifting a hand, snapped her fingers. “You’re not done just yet.”

Suddenly those three servants were right next to them; two of them holding Kurt’s hands while the third relieved him of the fork, handing it back to the woman.

Kurt wasn’t scared, just very confused. Why were they doing this? He wasn’t hungry anymore! He tried to protest, but she was feeding him again and he had the choice of eating or choking. So he ate, though every time she withdrew the spoon, he tried to talk to her only to have his open mouth filled with more food.

After a while Kurt stopped trying to resist and just ate like a good elf, though he could both see and feel he was getting bigger and bigger. About ten minutes after the start of this force-feeding, Kurt was forced to sit on the floor, as the chair was beginning to complain, and was still restrained as the woman fed him more and more.

As she went to refill his plate, Kurt choked down the bit of pork he’d been fed and gasped out, “Why are you doing this?! I don’t understand!”

She smiled at him, came over and gently patted his head, saying, “All in good time… Now, open wide!” Kurt groaned as he saw the servant put a large cake down on the floor next to them. His stomach was aching and he longed to either explode, or sleep or faint… ANYTHING so that he didn’t have to feel the burning pain as his skin stretched to its limits.

After a long hour, the longest in his life, the cake was finally finished and Kurt was as limp as a rag doll, his tail twitching weakly. Somehow… he wasn’t sure how, but his stomach as grown even larger than before. He tried to shift himself, but couldn’t! He just couldn’t move under his own power anymore!

The servants, at a nod from the woman, finally let go and Kurt lay down on his back, panting hard as he tried to roll to his side. That would probably help to ease the pain!

The woman smiled and stood up, gently rubbing his bloated, swollen stomach, all but murring, “There we go… Look how cute you are! Like a fat kitty…”

Kurt was surprised and confused at this comment but then realized, to his utter embarrassment, that he was purring, softly and hesitantly, but he was purring.

She nodded to the servants, who helped Kurt to his feet and he found himself leaning on them so as not to fall down. He was so big now! He was amazed he hadn’t exploded. He tried to take a step, but didn’t want to lift his foot lest he loose his balance and topple. And he didn’t want to fall on his huge belly, because that would not only hurt like nothing else, but would have a very messy consequence as well. She started to walk of the dining hall and Kurt almost called to her. Was he just going to be left here?! But his question was answered as the servants lifted him up and started to carrying him out to where the fireplace was. How strong were they to be able to carry him so effortlessly!?

Kurt experienced a brief terror that he’d be placed into that roaring fire, but no. He was placed, surprisingly gently, down on the cushions in front of the fire, where the woman waited for him, smiling broadly. As soon as he was released by the servants, he tried to get up, but was severely impeded by his bloated ball of a stomach. And also, having the woman suddenly hugging his arm made it hard to move.

Kurt felt an odd sensation on his arm and it took a while before he realized it was fur brushing against his own fur. How…? He looked and stared, shocked.

The woman was gone. In her place was a vixen-looking human. Her hair was still short and golden in color, but she had sprouted a foxy muzzle and pointed black-tipped ears atop her head. Her body was covered in golden fur and he distantly noticed that her shoes had disappeared. Her paws had chocolate-brown fur ‘socks’ and her tail, soft and bushy, was mostly golden, but with a snowy-white tip to it. Her eyes were a bright blue as she looked at him, smiling broadly, showing that she too had fangs.

And yet… While she was very beautiful, it was clear that she was old, very old. The fur was not as sleek and shiny as it could be, and looked thin and worn. Her delicate fangs were slightly chipped from time and use, and even her eyes seemed to be slightly less than crystal clear. Her body was thin from age and seemed very delicate and fragile, like a flower that was just nearing it’s time to wilt.

The blue German stared for a long time before trying to make a sound, but she held up a finger and placed it to his lips and he saw a little claw at the end of her finger. “Hush now… Let me take care of things…”

Again, Kurt tried to protest and escape from this strange creature, but he suddenly felt so tired and sleepy… He struggled, weakly, as the fox hugged him again, and he felt an odd warmth filling him. The warmth built and built until he was sure it would overflow and with a strange sensation, he felt it flowing into the vixen, who murred as she snuggled tightly to him. Through his dimming, golden eyes, Kurt saw that her body appeared to be changing. The fur was becoming softer and took on a soft glow, her body filling out with the curves of youth, her fangs and claws sharpening to perfectly manicured points.

Kurt’s eyes snapped open at a log snapping on the fire as he saw with surprise that his huge gut had decreased in size. He looked at himself, and to the vixen, still growing more and more youthful next to time and tried to reach a conclusion, but his mind was so fogged that he could only struggle once more, weakly, before he passed out…

The next morning, Kurt was awoken by the sound of a soft chime. He blinked groggily and saw it was coming from the clock by the door. He rubbed his eyes and saw it was about 9 in the morning. He’d overslept.

But he smiled and he pushed his face back against the pillow. It was no wonder with this kind of bed! He felt like he never wanted to leave! He rolled to his back, and idly scratched at his flat stomach, ruffling the blue fur. He chuckled when he heard a growl come from his belly and decided it was time for breakfast.

Kurt yawned a bit as he dressed in the soft, white clothes that had been left for him , then made his way to the door, ignoring the slippers that were offered at the end of the bed. They wouldn’t fit his feet, so there was no point in getting them dirty.

At the door, he met one of the servants that had shown him the room the night before. The servant blankly looked at him when Kurt greeted him, and then walked down to the dining area, where the woman was waiting for him. He smiled at her, saying, “I appreciate you allowing me to stay the night, miss, but now I have to get going.”

The woman, seeming brighter and more cheerful than last night, when he’d first met here, seemed very disappointed, saying, “Oh, but its pouring rain outside!” He turned, surprised and saw that this was true. It seemed even worse than last night, if that was even possible! He moaned a little in aggravation, and the woman came, gently taking him by the arm and sitting him down at the table, “But maybe it will ease off after breakfast! Here! My servants have created a wonderful breakfast for you!”

Kurt felt that he was starving and nodded, thanking her, and began to dig in. It was delicious, and his mind forgot everything else as he ate, not noticed the woman smiling at him with an almost fox-like expression of sly joy.