‘American Tradition?’

by GoldFox

Ororo was in the kitchen, working on a big pot of vegetable soup when she heard the soft ‘bamf’ behind her and felt the slight shift of air pressure. Without turning, she smiled, saying, “Good morning, Kurt.”

“Guten Morgen. [Good morning.]” the German replied. He came up behind her, peering over her shoulder and sniffing a little bit, reminding her of Logan. He then asked, “What are you making?”

Ororo gathered a few more vegetable slices and put them into the warming water, answering, “Vegetable soup.” Kurt then watched, and helped, as Ororo put the rest of the ingredients into the water, then got a hand blender. She put it into the water, and carefully turned it on. Soon, the hodge-podge of vegetables turned into a cream, yellow-orange soup and it smelled simply wonderful. Kurt licked his lips. He hadn’t had breakfast yet and the smell was very wonderful and very tempting. Ororo turned and grinned at him, saying, “You can have a bit if you’d like, but I’d suggest waiting for the cream.”

“Cream?” the teleporter asked, interested. He had been staying at the institute for a few months now, after choosing not to return to Germany, and was still adjusting to American lifestyle. The one thing that had amazed him the most about the US was the wide variety of food it offered. He was always eager to try new things. And he never said ‘no’ to being the taste-tester.

Ororo turned around to smile broadly. Kurt was holding a soup bowl with both hands and his tail held the spoon. Ororo then obliged him and served him a small sample of the soup, telling him where the cream was. He added a little, as per her instructions, and tried it. The soup was hot but not burning, and it was wonderful to feel the soup warm up his insides. He licked his lips, saying with a wide grin, “Köstlich. [Delicious.]”

She smiled, appreciating the German’s opinion, and began to add in salt and pepper, saying, “Then you’ll absolutely love it when it’s finished.” Ororo was right. When the older residents had sat down to a late lunch (everyone had slept in, it being a Sunday) they all complimented the chef, none moreso than Kurt, though, who praised Ororo’s cooking in both English and his own native tongue.

The next month was November and the school began to empty out as the students went home to see their families for thanksgiving. A few remained behind, however, the ones without a family. Bobby and Rogue were just two of over a dozen students who had waved goodbye to friends as they had left for the holidays. The two women, seeing as how it was a few days before Thanksgiving, had begun preparations for the annual feast.

Logan had raised an eyebrow when Ororo had asked him for help preparing the meal, and had said in a gruff, but warm, tone, “Not my thing, Storm. I don’t cook.”

Scott was equally reluctant; having seen first-hand what Jean could be like when she got into her ‘cooking mood’.

And seeing as how the children’s culinary expertise barely reached beyond making macaroni and cheese, the two women knew they were on their own.

Kurt had surprised them, however, by asking to be a part of the preparations. Mostly because he was a little tired of solitude and because he had never been part of the holiday before. It didn’t exist in Germany.

The two women agreed wholeheartedly, and took the elf shopping with them. Despite their reassurances that he’d be fine, mutants being protected by the president now, he had still covered himself up, ‘Just to be safe’, as he put it.

As they shopped, Kurt would comment on the ingredients they chose, asking questions. He made Ororo laugh with his funny faces when they put vegetables into the cart and she joked, “So wait, if you don’t like vegetables, what about my soup?”

Kurt blushed a soft purple as he replied softly, “I didn’t want to insult you.”

Jean chuckled while Ororo gently slid her hand into Kurt’s pocket, squeezing it in with the blue hand already inside. She gently maneuvered their fingers to be entwined, saying, “You don’t need to worry about that.” Kurt smiled at her, his pointed teeth briefly revealed.

They went to the frozen food section and the two women began to compare turkeys, trying to find the best bargain for a school full of hungry kids. Kurt watched, asking, “Why turkey?”

While Jean asked one of the store employees about prices, Ororo explained gently, “It has to do with history. It’s a kinda of long story.”

Kurt smiled and shuffled closer to her side, asking, “Perhaps you could explain it to me later on?”

Ororo smiled and gently slid her arm around the elf’s waist, hugging him close to her, making his hip bump against hers, saying as she kissed his cheek, “Of course.”

He stiffened at the contact, his tail, wrapped snuggly around his waist, quivering as the muscles tensed. Despite his extended stay in the United States and his new life at the mansion, Kurt was still very hesitant about his body. After all, how many guys do you know with a tail? But thanks to those at the mansion, Kurt was learning, slowly but surely, to accept his body and live with it. Learning to use it instead of fearing and hating it.

Kurt relaxed as Ororo gave him an encouraging squeeze, and tilted his head down to return the kiss with a light peck on her cheek. ‘Let’s keep it PG, people’. They both looked up at Jean, who wasn’t looking at them, but was smirking.

Two shopping carts later, they managed to pay for everything and then loaded up the car. Halfway home, Jean, who was driving, suddenly said, “Kurt, please. You’ll have them soon enough.” Ororo turned in surprise and then smiled. Kurt was picking through the dessert bag with his tail, and the flexible barb was wrapped tightly around a container of cranberry jelly.

Kurt, realizing he’d been discovered, put the can back into the bag, blushing purple again as he explained, “I used to pick wild cranberries in Germany. I’ve missed them so much.”

Ororo reached back, putting a hand gently on his knee, saying with a smile, “Well, wait a few more hours, okay? You can check if they’re suitable to eat.” Kurt’s eyes lit up, turning from a light brown to a dark gold as his eagerness and joy expressed themselves. He put his hand on Ororo’s, completely covering it, smiling gently.

When they got home, all the remaining students helped them to unpack the car and then vanished back to whatever they had been doing. Ororo came into the kitchen to find Jean getting out bowls and pots and Kurt helping.

Ororo stopped in the doorway, surprised. Kurt normally always sported his sparkly-coat that he used to wear for the circus, but lately he’d taken to wearing more normal clothing, mostly long-sleeved shirts that would hide his self-inflicted tattoos from the younger students. But today he was dressed in a loose T-shirt tucked into his jeans, blue-skinned arms revealed. He was also wearing a simple pair of boot-cut jeans, since no other kind of pants would allow his odd feet to pass through the cuff. And as usual, he wore no shoes. No boots were on the market for people with two toes, and besides, his feet were tough enough after years of being bare that he didn’t need them. Ororo found it was a good look for him. To her, it symbolized his gradual acceptance of himself, allowing more of his natural body to be seen instead of hiding it in circus flare and glittery clothes.

While he was crouching, giving Jean pots as she described them, Ororo noticed his tail was out behind him as he leaned forward, balancing him. The tail itself was about five or six feet long, thin and powerful. Ororo had never seen Kurt use it for purposes other than caresses and as a third hand, but she had seen him in the Danger Room once with Scott and had come to realize why the Secret Service had had such trouble with him.

She came and waited until his hands were empty and reaching down, gently grabbed the barb. It nearly as large as her hand, so she couldn’t completely envelope it. It was warm to the touch, and the way it twitched in her fingers hinted that strong muscles lay under the blue skin.

Kurt’s head snapped around in surprise, but then softened at seeing the African there. He smiled as he stood up, saying, “Do you need help with something, Ororo?”

Ororo smiled, and gently tugged the blue tail, pulling him closer, his face puzzled at the action. When he was close enough, she hugged him, saying, “You’re so sweet, Kurt. Always thinking of others.” Kurt stiffened at the touch, but then relaxed and hugged her back, his tail slipping out of her grasp to coil gently around her shoulders, the barb rubbing at the middle of her back.

Jean chose to be silent this time and just stood nearby, reading them. Ororo really cared for the blue elf and had gotten quite close to him over the few years he had been with them. Kurt was still nervous about the whole thing. His looks had inspired fear and distrust for many, many years and old habits tend to die hard. But as he held her, Jean could sense that he would try, if only to make Ororo happy.

They broke apart, smiling at each other. Ororo blushed and then moved away, saying, “I promised you some of the cranberry jelly, didn’t I?”

Kurt looked disappointed at the loss of contact, but his eyes lit up at the mention of the food and he nodded, saying, “Ja. [Yes.]”

Jean laughed and got out a few large bowls as Ororo took care of the eager German. She opened the can and spooned the contents out into a bowl, pausing to laugh and gently smack away Kurt’s hand when he reached for it. He smiled childishly at her; glad his little plan had worked. Ororo then got a bit on the spoon and playfully held it up, saying, “Open wide, Kurt.” Kurt’s golden eyes glittered at her cheerful face and he obeyed. As Ororo carefully put the spoon in his mouth, she noticed his teeth. All of his teeth were sharper than normal and for those not used to him, the sight was a little bit bizarre. He was like a vampire that’d lost a fight with a crazy dentist.

But Ororo just smiled as Kurt shut his lips on the spoon and then drew away, letting the now-empty spoon slide out of his mouth. He shifted the sweet jelly on his tongue before swallowing, smiling broadly, saying, “Wunderbar. [Wonderful.]”

Ororo was tempted to feed Kurt another spoonful, but Jean must have been ‘listening’, because she suddenly asked, “Ororo, can you help me with the stuffing?” Ororo glared playfully at her, but obliged.

As they worked, Kurt excused himself briefly and the women talked. Jean then stated softly, “You like him, Ororo.”

The African smiled and said quietly, “Yeah. Yeah I do.”

“So make a move!” Her friend gave her a nudge, grinning.

Ororo stared at Jean, saying in shock, “What? I can’t! He’s still getting used to us and…” But Jean’s look made her weak protest dwindle and die.

Jean then said softly as she got a few ingredients from the fridge, “He likes you too, you know.”

“He does?” The black woman’s question was hopeful.

The redhead began to open the packages they had bought and said with the utmost sincerity, “Very much so.” She then gestured and a few sticks of butter floated towards her.

Ororo began to help her mix and asked in confusion, “Then why doesn’t he say anything?”

Jean was looking at her ‘work’, but answered gently, “He’s scared he’ll be moving too fast. He doesn’t want to blow the friendship you’ve established. He’s waiting for you to make the first move.”

The weather-witch looked at her friend, asking, “He is?” She trusted Jean with her life and respected her opinion.

The physic turned and smiled at her, saying soothingly, “Trust me.”

After many hours of work, everything was ready. All that was needed was the actual cooking and the Thanksgiving feast would be ready for the dozen people still sticking around. The women, rightfully exhausted, retired to bed while Kurt cleaned the used pots and pans, humming a German song to himself. As he picked up the stuffing mixing bowl, he noticed that a good portion had been left in the bowl. Had the girls been that careless? He frowned and was about to rinse the stuffing down the sick when he paused. There was quite a bit left and it would be a waste to just throw it out…

He then got a fork and leaning back, stuck it into the cold food. As he lifted it to his mouth, a soft voice asked, “Knew you couldn’t resist. Jean owes me five dollars.”

Kurt looked up to see Ororo standing at the doorway, dressing in a pale green nightgown. Kurt smiled at her, saying in a semi-stern tone, “It’s late and you’ve worked hard. You should be getting to bed.”

Ororo laughed, quietly so as not to awake anyone, saying, “I’m a big girl, Kurt. I can do what I want.” He smiled and then Ororo came over and took the fork from his three-fingered hand and fed him the stuffing.

He ate obediently, but after swallowing, said with a grin, “I’m a big boy, Ororo. I can feed myself.” This brought another musical laugh out of the dark-skinned woman as she just reloaded the fork and fed him again.

Ororo felt something warm around her ankle and looking down, saw Kurt’s tail coiled lightly around her bare ankle, the barb gently stroking her skin. It was soft, gentle; like a caress and Ororo smiled up at Kurt. The German didn’t seem to notice, however, lost in the taste of the food he’d been given, his golden eyes shut. She then giggled, “Kurt. Your tail.”

“Was? [What?]” he murmured, before looking down, following her gaze. When he saw what the extra appendage was doing, his eyes got big and he let out a funny whimper before he ‘ported away from her, the burst of noise and air pressure startling Ororo. Sulfur and brimstone filled her nose and she turned quickly, hoping Kurt hadn’t gone too far. To her relief, he reappeared about four feet away, saying in a strained tone, “Es tut mir schrecklich leid! [I’m dreadfully sorry!]”

While Ororo couldn’t speak the other man’s language, his drooped shoulders and the way he was grinding the betraying barb underfoot were pretty good indicators of what he was trying to say. Ororo found herself smiling despite the poor elf’s discomfort. Thinking to herself that an embarrassed Kurt was an attractive Kurt, she gently put the bowl and fork down and walked over to him. Her bare feet made no noise on the wooden floor, but Kurt looked up at her approach, his yellow eyes filled with worry and shame. He started to stutter out another apology, but she reached up and put a finger on his lips. He fell silent, confused. She then planted herself in front of him and grabbed both his hands. She put them on her waist and then reached up, cupping the German’s face. While Kurt looked bewildered, she then smiled and brought him down and kissed him firmly.

Kurt was stunned by the woman’s advance, but then relaxed and his hands pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss, drinking in her taste and smell. The tail, which had been lashing back and forth despite it’s trapped position (Kurt’s two-toed foot was still on top of the barb) now relaxed, the blue length drooping like a bit of rope. He lifted his foot, freeing the barb, and it quickly resumed its position around Ororo’s leg, the sinuous limb winding around her calf like some kind of weird sock.

As his blue lips kissed her red ones, Ororo thought with a smile, ‘If that’s not making the first move, I don’t know what is.’

The next day was the famous holiday and the two women were up early, ready to ‘get cooking’, in every literal sense of the word. But as they set everything going, Logan walked silently up to Ororo, pulling her aside and saying, “Listen, ‘Ro, I’ve gotta go.”

She stared, surprised and a little disappointed. She liked the Canadian’s rough presence. She then asked, “What? But Logan, don’t you want to be with us?”

He gave her a roughish grin, saying, “I’ve never been good at ‘family gatherings’. Save me some turkey, okay?”

Ororo debated arguing with him, but saw the look in his eyes. His wild and unpredictable personality didn’t exactly make him the perfect role model for the children. Plus, because of his mutation, he often hated being around large amounts of people at a time, avoiding the situation whenever he could. Ororo supposed it was because of his heightened senses; too many smells and sounds in too small a space. She then sighed and pulled the rough Canadian into a hug, saying, “I understand.”

Logan returned the hug, and a soft chuckle made Ororo pull back and give him a look. Logan then grinned at her, saying, “You and elf’ve been getting cozy?” Ororo blushed, realizing that Logan must have scented Kurt on her, but nodded, answer enough. Logan then smiled and said, “You know, he does like you, ‘Ro.” She smiled and gave Logan a peck on the cheek. Logan returned this with a tighter hug and then walked out, picking up a backpack on his way out.

Scott also dropped out of the plans after receiving a call from his family. Apparently his dad had gotten into accident. No one was badly hurt, but he wanted to be with his kin. The girls understood and saw him off. Throughout the course of the day, everyone else dropped out of the dinner as well, proclaiming their apologies, until it was just the two women and Kurt left. Ororo sat at the table, feeling disappointed. She had wanted everyone to be together and have a nice time!

She felt movement behind her and two blue hands gently placed themselves on her shoulders, squeezing gently. She sighed and leaned her head on one of Kurt’s arms. The warm tail-barb came up and gently rubbed at her cheek as Kurt asked, “I am not quite familiar with this holiday, but are we able to continue without the others?”

Jean came in, saying, “Of course we can. Ororo, you’ve worked hard. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. If they get the cold stuff, then too bad for them.” Her smile helped to give her cold words a warm undertone.

Ororo smiled back and looked up at Kurt, who was smiling down at her. Ororo then patted the seat next to her, saying, “You’re right, Jean. I can only hope they’re having fun with their friends and family.” Jean smiled and served the food.

After and hour of talking and eating, both women felt they had had enough, but Kurt was like a bottomless pit. And what was amazing was that he retained his table manners even though he had already eaten about three helpings. He cleaned his plate and then held it back to Jean, asking, “Could you serve me some more please, Jean?”

Jean laughed, saying, “Wow. Haven’t you had enough?”

Kurt then blushed, a soft purple spreading over his cheeks, as he replied, “I never really wanted the others to know, but my body demands food constantly. That’s why I’m so thin. I’m also a little bit of a glutton.”

Ororo smiled and carefully hugged his arm, saying, “Oh, are you?”

Kurt blushed deeper, muttering, “I know it’s not exactly Christian, but…”

Ororo and Jean suddenly exchanged a look and thoughts were exchanged and read and approved in less than a second. Jean then refilled Kurt’s plate and Ororo scooted closer to the blue elf, saying, “Well, Kurt, this is the one day of the year where you needn’t be ashamed of that.” She then took his fork and skewered a bit of turkey and then dunked it in the gravy-covered mashed potatoes, holding the food in front of the blue lips, saying, “Come on, Kurt.” The German looked a little hesitant, not exactly liking the gleam in the women’s eyes, but then relaxed and ate.

The blue German seemed to be very partial to the turkey and stuffing, wrinkling his nose at the green vegetables, and turning his head away when they were offered, like a picky child. Jean finally gave up on trying to feed the blue mutant some yams and instead used her fork to pry some of the moist meat off the turkey wing. Kurt then smiled and opened his mouth, waiting. As Jean obliged, Ororo chuckled, saying, “You remind me of a baby bird, Kurt! Always with it’s mouth open! At least you’re not chirping.”

Kurt got the hint and made a brief, shrill chirp. Both women stared at the realistic sound and Kurt explained while blushing a little, “In my church, I had bird nests above my bed. I’d hear them all day.”

The two women looked at each other and then burst out laughing. Kurt looked a little uneasy, not getting the joke, but Ororo reassured him by gently putting her hand on his chest and rubbing in a gentle circle. Kurt smiled and reaching, gently placed his hand on hers, pressing it to his chest. She found she could feel the tattoos under the shirt, the raised scars, though hidden, revealed to her fingertips. She found herself thinking how much those must have hurt when he did them. She looked up at him, to see his reaction, but Jean was already giving him a big spoonful of stuffing and he was lost in the taste.

Ororo smiled and then jerked. The weight of Kurt’s hand on hers had forced her hand to drift downwards to his stomach. Where she had expected to feel tattooed flesh, she felt a soft bulge. She then ran her hand over it and realized that Kurt’s stomach was bloated. And he was still eating!

Ororo then looked up at Jean, and the thoughts were exchanged and on a mental count of three, they lifted the tablecloth that had hidden Kurt’s lower body.

Kurt gave a gasp, realizing what they were doing, but it was too late. At some point during the meal, the German must have secretly used his tail to undo the belt of his pants, easing the pressure that the denim put on his stomach. He looked decently fat, but the idea that it was from just one sitting was mind-boggling to the two women. They stared at Kurt, who was now a bright purple, muttering excuses in German. It was clear that he was very embarrassed and by the tightening of his hands on the arms on his chair, he desperately wanted to teleport.

But Ororo placed her hand on his belly and began to rub, gently. Kurt paused, letting his muscles relax, looking at her quizzically and hopefully. When Jean’s pale-skinned hand joined Ororo’s light-brown one, Kurt muttered, “I had thought you would be disgusted with me.” His accent made the statement all the more soft and hesitant. Ororo found it adorable.

She stood and kissed his cheek, saying gently, “I don’t think any differently of you.” Kurt smiled at her and gently taking her free hand, brought it to his mouth and kissed it. Then, teasingly, he licked at her skin, the soft pink tongue flicking out to just touch the back of her hand. It was such a contrast to his blue skin and her brown skin, and she giggled, blushing a little herself. Jean’s hand left the elf’s body but returned with a loaded fork. Kurt then smiled and lowered Ororo’s hand so he could accept the food.

As time went on, both women took turns feeding the German who seemed to never want to stop. His stomach had increased to a very large size, like a small beach-ball, and while Ororo gently hand-fed Kurt a bit of cool turkey, Jean noticed that the tattoos on Kurt’s belly were stretched and distorted. She giggled as she traced them, her finger barely touching the stretched skin. The tail suddenly came up, wrapping warmly around her wrist as Kurt chuckled, “That tickles.” Though he said the words calmly, his strained expression made it clear that he was desperately trying not to laugh. Jean stopped her motions but kept chuckling as Ororo suddenly pulled a bowl towards them. Kurt’s eyes lit up, turning from a soft yellow to a warm gold when he saw the red jelly, licking his lips eagerly. Ororo winked at Jean and put the loaded spoon into her own mouth, chuckling at Kurt’s openly disappointed expression.

She winked at him, and ‘apologized’ by kissing his cheek and then carefully feeding him a huge spoonful of the tangy stuff. Kurt sucked at the spoon, refusing to let it go, making her laugh. He smiled and then rapidly finished the cranberry jelly, licking his lips happily. He then sheepishly asked for more stuffing and turkey, and wasn’t denied.

But after finishing the last bit of stuffing, Kurt’s face was a slight grimace. Ororo noticed, asking, “Kurt? You okay?”

Kurt chuckled, saying tightly, “I think I went a little overboard.” His three-fingered hand went to his stomach and began to rub at the huge globe, wincing a little bit. Jean, after getting mental permission, tapped into the German’s feelings and passed them on to Ororo.

The African was astonished. Kurt truly had gone overboard. Normally he would have stopped half an hour ago, but he had loved the attention of the two women, one of whom he was most eager for, and hadn’t had the heart to ask them to stop. His belly was stuffed to bursting with the thanksgiving feast and while the ‘full’ feeling was wonderful, it was a little painful. He could feel his skin was stretched tightly, ‘straining at the seams’ as it were, his body trying to cope with the massive amount of sustenance it had been given. At first, it was a lovely warm feeling, but then a flash of pain would run though him, followed by cool relief, but then chased by the pain. It was an unpleasant cycle, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Kurt wanted to lie down, but it was out of the question for him to move. His belly was huge and the women knew that even with his tail, he’d have some serious balancing issues. So to be safe, they decided that he stay in his chair.

And why should he be alone?

They then pulled their own chairs closer to him, each leaning on his chest. Kurt, while surprised at the contact, gently put an arm around each, but leaned his head on Ororo’s after kissing her hair. The women snuggled to him as best they could considering their positions, and while Jean hugged the teleporter’s arm, Ororo began to gently rub her hand on the full, bloated stomach, applying gentle pressure.

Kurt relaxed onto her, his weight gentle as he murmured, “That helps.” And it was the truth. Her rubbing helped to block the waves of pain, allowing only warm feelings of contented stuffed-ness to prevail. Ororo smiled and, encouraged, rubbed in wider circles, maintaining constant yet gentle pressure.

Suddenly, right under her ear, she heard a loud thrumming sound. She and Jean both looked up at Kurt in surprise and slight confusion, but the German was oblivious to them, his head leaned back, eyes closed as he purred softly, his chest vibrating with the muted sound. The tail lifted lazily and gently draped itself over Jean’s lap, the barb pressed warmly to her calf.

Ororo then smiled and snuggled with her elf, rubbing his stomach gently.