‘Fast Food’

by GoldFox

Pietro changed directions so fast he slipped and fell on his side, sliding a little on the wood floor before scrambling upright and running. There was a loud thud behind him, and he allowed himself a grin in the knowledge that he’d been missed yet again. He dove for cover behind under the sofa, hiding behind one of the legs, and then heard another thud and this time a quiet curse. He panted as he did his best not to move so he wouldn’t be detected.

But the calm didn’t last. A huge blue hand appeared and reached for him, and he turned and scrambled away just as the hand grabbed the sofa leg, the two fingers and thumb engulfing the place he’d been just a moment ago. He ran to the other side of the couch, muttering, “Ha! No one can catch Quicksilver!” But then, something did.

Pietro felt suddenly trapped and all he could see was blue. He couldn’t understand at first, but then he felt his arms get squeezed to his sides and his legs squashed together. He started kicking, but was stuck fast in a blue tail-barb bigger than he was. He was dragged out into the open to see the owner of the tail grinning widely. Pietro didn’t like that grin and shouted, “Knock it off! Let me go!” Then he gulped hard as Kurt bared his fangs, and begged softly, “Please?”

Kurt then sat down comfortably and lifted his tail above his head. He winked at Quicksilver and opened wide. Pietro began to struggle again at seeing the inside of Kurt’s mouth, and let out a wail as he was dropped. But then he felt a harsh pain in his ankle and he stopped moving. He peeked between his arms, which he had flung over his head, and saw that Kurt had played with him, releasing his full-body hold to use the tip of the barb to hold his ankle, keeping him suspended, upside down, in the air.

Pietro swallowed hard as Kurt giggled at his expression. Kurt then lowered him down to a convenient biting height, and opened wide, like he intended to bite the small body in half. Pietro curled up, whimpering. But then Kurt laughed, and Pietro peeked again and got licked right in the face as Kurt giggled at his joke. Pietro shivered as he felt the slimy spit on his face, muttering softly, “Oh yuck…” Kurt chuckled yet again and then sat up straight, lifting his tail high up above his head. The movement started Pietro, and his arms instinctively came out to the sides to balance him, but then found that Kurt was watching him, licking his lips, his intent painfully obvious.

Pietro curled up as best he could, muttering, “Not that…”

The blue mutant smiled at him and then released his tail-hold. Pietro screwed his eyes shut as he fell and landed in hot, wet darkness. He let out a cry of terror as he struggled to be upright. There was hardly any room! Then he guessed Kurt must have righted his head, because everything leveled out and he could sit up, though his back was hitting the other mutant’s palate.

Then light blinded him as Kurt opened wide and let his tongue hang out. Now with room to move, Pietro scrambled forwards, desperate to escape, but everything around him was slippery and wet. He couldn’t get a grip on anything! He slipped a little, but then caught himself before he fell. He gulped as he looked down to his side. If he did have the misfortune to slip and fall, he’d fall right onto one of Kurt’s bottom fangs. The canine looked like it was plenty sharp enough to pierce him like a grape if he fell on it!

He scooted forwards, gripping the top row of teeth desperately, trying to ignore the fangs larger than his head (and not succeeding very well), as he used the new leverage to slide himself towards salvation over the slick tongue. One leg slid to the side and he was forced to straddle the thick muscle, felt it move under his legs, making him want to be sick. The tongue shifted under him again, and he had to grab at one of the top fangs to keep himself from falling. Pietro shuddered at feeling the warm, smooth enamel dagger touching his soft, delicate hand.

He managed to get his head out of Kurt’s mouth, and shivered at feeling the huge teeth bump against the back of his head. Briefly, it flittered through his mind what would happen to him if Kurt suddenly decided to bite down. He then doubled his efforts, trying desperately to bring his feet out as well.

So close!

But then, right at the critical moment, both feet lost traction on the wet muscle due to the warm, sticky spit he was absolutely covered in. As a result, his sneakers slipped to be under the thick muscle, his calves trapped between the tongue and the bottom row of teeth. Pietro wriggled madly to free his legs, but was stuck tight. He looked out helplessly at escape, so close, and noticed with a detached disgust that Kurt was drooling; the warm saliva dripping off the tip of boy’s tongue.

But then everything jerked violently and Pietro was flung backwards into the blue mutant’s mouth as Kurt snapped his head back. Pietro screamed, but it made no difference as he was plunged once again into hot, stifling darkness and then muscled around by Kurt’s tongue.

He tried to fight back, to hit, to kick, but everything was moving and wet and slimy and there was no room. He couldn’t do anything but squirm helplessly. Kurt righted his head again and for a while, played around with Pietro, teasing and toying with him. Soon (too soon for Pietro) Kurt tired of this game and he then chuckled softly. Pietro went stiff and let out a shrill scream of, “NO! Please!”

Kurt, however, paid him no mind at all, and tilted back his head again, and Pietro knew it was for the last time. He begged once more, “PLEASE!” but all for naught as he heard the amplified sound of someone swallowing.

Pietro screamed as he was forced into a tight, hot, slimy tube. He could feel the muscles moving over him, and he fought the urge to be sick. He squirmed, growling out insults, but achieved nothing. He was forced downwards, into the hot center of Kurt’s body, and he struggled every inch of the way.

Suddenly, he could move and he stood up, feeling utterly disgusted. The smell of gastric juices was almost enough to drive Pietro into madness, but even worse was the darkness. Because this time, he knew there was no chance of escape at all. Pietro slouched and then sat down, sighing deeply. Suddenly, there was motion around him, and he suddenly had no room as he was pressed tightly between two warm, slimy walls.

Then he registered a circular motion and muttered out a half-hearted curse. Kurt was rubbing his tummy and the fuzzy bastard was probably grinning too, enjoying his victory. Pietro was suddenly dropped, and he hit the floor hard. But it didn’t hurt. Flesh was a good cushion.

Pietro curled up tightly, determined not to move. He’d keep a tiny bit of dignity.

Kurt smiled as he felt Quicksilver slip down inside him, felt him move a little. But then he stopped. Kurt then rubbed at his stomach, trying to provoke more movement out of his meal, but nothing came. Kurt sighed in annoyance. Not again! Kurt stood up and went to the sink and grinned as he got a glass of cold water.

He then said loudly, for the benefit of his prey, “Down the hatch…” and drank half the water quickly. He waited and then let out a giggle as he felt the squirms start up suddenly. Kurt smiled and finished the glass, smiling broadly at the aggravated writhings in his belly, his tail swishing back and forth happily.

But then Kurt felt the squirms get weaker and knew it was time. He walked back into the living room and lay down on the floor. He concentrated and then ‘ported, leaving behind a water- and saliva-soaked Quicksilver on the carpet.

Pietro blinked in the bright light and looked up, shivering from the icy-cold water. He saw Kurt smile widely at him and promptly passed out.

Kurt giggled as Pietro slumped into a dead faint and gently picked him up. He walked over to the desk, where there was a simple hamster cage. He then opened the top and reaching in, gently lay the unconscious Quicksilver on the tiny bed inside the cage.

Kurt then went and got a few tissues and put those in as well before shutting the cage, saying happily, “Until tomorrow.” Kurt went and lay down on the couch, sighing deeply as he murmured, “I love fast food…”