Nightcrawler Fiction

Birthday Stuffing

By GoldFox - Kurt is treated to a birthday feast by his friends at the Institute.

Fast Food

By GoldFox - Pietro has a bad day at the hands of the Fuzzy Blue Elf. This story accompanies the one mentioned below.

The Hunt

By GoldFox - Kurt catches himself a meal. Lots of gore in this one!

Professor, I Shrunk the Elf

By GoldFox - An accompaniment to the Donut pic in my Vore gallery.

Poisoned Honey

By GoldFox - A sort of Hansel & Gretel, with Kurt cast as Hansel, naturally.

Stars And Bugs And Fangs, Oh My!

By GoldFox - A very cute non-vore short; Kurt vs. Firefly!

Christmas Stuffing

By GoldFox - The sequel to Birthday Stuffing, with lots more Elf mischief and a loving bond between Kurt, Jean and Scott.

American Tradition?

By GoldFox - From the X2 universe; Kurt celebrates Thanksgiving with Storm and Jean.

Appearances are Deceiving

By GoldFox - EVO universe, but an adult version of our favorite blue mutant. Kurt seeks shelter from a storm while wandering the German countryside and falls into the hands of a very mysterious woman! Stuffing and mild force-feeding.

Welcome Home Present

By GoldFox - contains some mild stuffing and a romantic Kurt x Ororo pairing.

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