by GoldFox

Seth, Mair and Darius are property of Duo Radon and are used with her permission.

Seth straightened up, rubbing his fingers on his eyelids. Staring at glass bottles for six hours on end tended to tire his golden eyes. He shook his head and turned to the green liquid in the beaker. He stretched his hand and gestured and out of nowhere, a crystal stirring rod appeared in his fingers. He stirred the mixture for a while, swirling it over a flame as he did so, careful to stop just as he saw flickers of red. He instantly took it off the flame but kept stirring. The red seemed to bleed into the rest of the liquid and he grinned as they merged, forming a pristine dark purple color. He took the stirring rod out and after stretching his hand and gesturing slightly again, it disappeared. He then cupped the beaker, swirling the contents gently. As it cooled to a soft pink, Seth placed it on the table. It needed to sit for a minute until he could go to the next step. As the beaker sat, Seth took the opportunity to look around him.

Nearby, on a blanket spread on the floor due to lack of chairs, Mair let out a whimper as he slept, his horse-like tail rustling as it swept lightly over the floor. Seth sighed and leaned back on his chair, letting his arm rest on the wooden backing, smiling down at the black demon. He found himself gazing at the demonís hind legs, the powerful horse muscles in the thighs and calves, the smooth stomach. No wonder he had once considered making a meal out of him. Mair shifted a little in his sleep, rolling over and pawing at the floor with his three-fingered hand. His long green hair covered his back, spilling over his shoulders and Seth wanted to get up and stroke it.

But he grinned ruefully and turned back to his work. Business before pleasure after-all! As he turned back to the potion ingredients in front of him, he heard a soft crunching noise. He turned and saw Darius nearby, sprawled on a chair, munching on an apple, looking stern and gloomy, as usual. Seth gave him a smile, and Darius flicked his little barbed tail in response, but made no other move that he had seen the potion-maker.

Seth chuckled and went back to work. He was wasting precious moonlight. He only had a few more hours to finish it and if he didnít get it done, heíd have to wait until the next full moon. And he had been told that the potion was to be completed before then if he wanted to be paid for it.

He worked until the last beams of moonlight faded into the morning, but he gave a satisfied sigh. Heíd finished it. The potion glinted a soft blue in its vial and he caressed the glass with a claw-tip, proud of his work. He got up, stretching all his limbs, legs and tail included, before he bent down and roused both Mair and Darius gently. They sleepily got up and followed him out the back of the shop into their bedroom. It was a circular room, roughly thirty feet in diameter. In the center was a large fire-pit, the flames burning brightly. The hearth around the pit was lined with carefully crafted sandstone, chosen for its ability to retain heat for long periods of time after the flames had died.

Darius ran past Seth on all fours and instantly curled up on the hearth, and was soon fast asleep, barbed tail twitching lightly. Seth walked over and crouched next to him, gently stroking the soft orange fur. Darius opened his eyes and recognized the invitation in the golden eyes, but shook his head. Seth frowned slightly, but felt something. He turned and saw that Dariusí orange tail had coiled gently around his blue one, even though it was much thinner. Seth smiled and while his light-blue tail-barb gently caressed Dariusí orange one, he used the claws on the tips of his fingers to delicately scratch at the base of the smaller demonís horns and ears, right where he knew he liked it. Darius began to smile, a rare gesture for him, but still didnít roll over.

Seth frowned slightly, but a soft sound like a whicker drew his attention to his bed, where Mair was already lying on his back, looking at him pleadingly. Seth couldnít help but smile and said softly, ďYouíre appetites are insatiable, arenít they?Ē Mair nodded, licking his lips. He was indeed the biggest glutton in the household, but his sexual appetite was just as bad. Seth wasnít one to complain though, and left Darius to sleep as he walked over, the claws on his toes clicking very lightly on the stone floor.

As he came, he stripped off his blue shirt, smiling gently as Mair wriggled invitingly, his tail swishing eagerly. Seth quickly kicked off his pants and climbed up on the bed, straddling Mairís waist. Despite the fact that Mair was a good foot taller than Seth, it became clear who would be bottom when Seth bent down and quickly bit Mair on the side of his neck, fangs digging deep, but not breaking the skin.

Mair let out a gasp of pleasure, as Seth let his golden eyes close. The short black fur ruffled against his lips and chin pleasantly and he smiled as he ground his hips down into Mairís crotch, making him buck a little beneath him, whimpering longingly. Seth withdrew and gently whispered, ďYou relax nowÖĒ Mair nodded; eyes squeezed shut as his powerful hands clawed at the sheets in anticipation. Seth eased himself backwards a little bit and with a grunt, thrust himself deep into Mair. The horse-demon let out a shrill whinny-like cry as he felt Sethís dual pride pierce him, and his hooves kicked the air as he panted, trying to recover. Seth may have been the smaller in terms of size, but he was doubly endowed, thus making for a very happy Mair.

Seth delighted in the cry of his lover and thrust again, one hand gently caressing the fur on Mairís chest as it heaved, soothing him. But then Mair reached up and grabbed one of Sethís horns, his hand wrapping easily around both prongs, and pulled him down for a kiss. Seth wondered about punishing him for trying to take control of the situation, but as he felt Mairís skillful tongue against his lips, he shrugged and opened, letting the eager muscle past his teeth. It played on his fangs, and he returned the favor, both shivering from the sensation.

Sethís tail slipped around and gently crept up Mairís thigh like a snake, making the equine-demon jerk in surprise as it teased him right below his assets, the tip flicking at his fur. Mair tensed up and let out a howl as the strong tail wrapped tightly around his pride, squeezing and massaging gently. Seth grinned. He knew exactly how to treat his pet and despite Mairís struggling to escape, knew he loved the rough treatment. Seth withdrew a little and as he bit down again on the sweat-soaked fur on Mairís neck, he plunged himself deeper than ever into the equine-demonís warmth, his cry muffled by the flesh and fur in his mouth. Mair followed soon after, crying out shrilly, bucked under the slim body. At the same time warmth flooded inside Mairís body, Seth felt his petís sticky seed against the smooth skin on his stomach. The smell drove Seth nuts and he bit harder, growling as he rode the wave, drawing it out for all it was worth. Distantly, they both heard cloth rip as Mairís fingers proved stronger than the sheets, but neither cared. It was easily repairable.

Mair panted softly while Seth lay atop him, smiling and gently stroking the other demonís cheek. After a time, Seth gently eased himself out of Mair, who hissed at the motion, stiffening a little bit, but then relaxed, his body going limp. But as Seth tried to walk off, Mair reached and grabbed Sethís arm, yanking him back. Seth was surprised at the action, and was confused as Mair curled up around him, his frame effectively surrounding him in black fur and green hair. Seth considered ordering Mair to leave him alone, but as Mair went to sleep, smiling, Seth couldnít help but grin.

Seth then looked up and saw Darius staring at them, his eyes glowing in the darkness. Seth smiled and crooked a finger at him. Darius hesitated, but then came up, still clothed. He leapt nimbly, perching easily on Mairís haunch. Seth was always amused at the size difference between his two pets, and chuckled softly. He then reached up and before Darius could leave, grabbed his tail, pulling him down into his arms. Darius was scowling, but his struggles were halfhearted and only for show as Seth pulled him close, hugging him and curling his tail around the small waist possessively.

After a time, Darius stopped kicking and relaxed in Sethís arms, wearing a rare smile. Seth smiled down at him, gently rubbed his cheek on the little black horns, loving how they scraped his skin ever-so-slightly. His own horns were smooth as glass, and he found the idea of rough horns to be fascinating. He leaned back against Mairís stomach, listening to the quiet gurgles within, and grinned. Tomorrow morning, Mair would whine about being starving. Theyíd have to go out hunting again. But Seth licked his lips as he nuzzled Darius tighter. The meal would be worth the chase. It always was. He snuggled down into the warm black fur and still licking his lips dreamily, drifted off to sleep.

Seth woke the next morning to feeling a soft tongue lapping at his cheek. He winced and rolled over, still half asleep. He felt it again and heard a quiet, ďSeth? Iím hungryÖĒ

Seth cracked open an eye to see Mair staring longingly at him. Seeing him awake, Mairís face broke into a wide grin. Seth grinned and then said, ďEverybody off.Ē Mair instantly obeyed, uncurling and standing by the fire-pit, smiling. Darius woke up, slipped out of Sethís arms and leapt over to Mairís side, his cloven hooves clacking on the stone as he landed. Seth stretched and as he slid his pants back on, said, ďMair, go and get me my large leather bag. Darius, can you get my red potion in the cabinet?Ē

Mair looked confused but knew better than to disobey and ran off while Darius silently left the room. He went into the workshop and rooted around until finding the red potion. He ran back and gave it to Seth and softly questioned, ďWhatís it for?Ē

Seth pulled his shirt over his head, tucking it in as he said with a grin, ďYouíll see. Just trust me.Ē The smaller demon shrugged and went by the fireside, warming himself.

Near the edge of the forest, there was a pond. It was wide and deep and home to several interesting things. But more interesting were the creatures that came to drink. The most common were furs; rabbit, fox, lizard and others that came to quench their thirst.

But they werenít what Seth as here for. The three of them were hidden behind a cluster of bushes. Darius had the easiest time hiding, but Mair had to crouch down almost uncomfortably in order not to be seen. It was only his black fur and green hair that helped make him hard to spot. Sethís tail kept flicking back and forth eagerly as he peered through the opening in the leaves.

There was motion by the waterís edge. It turned out to be a little vixen fox, roughly three and a half feet long, a foot and a half of that due to her bushy white-tipped tail. Her coat was a shiny golden color, and it glinted beautifully in the sunshine. She sniffed the air cautiously, standing briefly on her hind legs, front legs tucked to her underside, but then dropped back to all fours, satisfied that she was safe. She crept silently to the water, and began to drink, lapping it up with a little pink tongue.

Mair twitched, but Seth glared at him and he settled down again. They watched the little vixen for a while when her head suddenly snapped upright. She sniffed the air and bolted, disappearing instantly into the bushes despite her shiny fur.

Seth smiled as a rush of wind announced the presence of a dragon. It landed about thirty feet from them and Mair whimpered longingly. The dragon was a bright purple color indicating that it was young and strong, in its prime. At his feet, Seth could feel Darius twitching lightly as well. He grinned at their enthusiasm. Dragon meat was very hard to come by. It was almost impossible to kill the beasts, and even if you happened upon a carcass, it was always being eaten by another dragon. And disturbing a feeding dragon was asking for death.

As they watched, the dragon went to the waterís edge and began to drink. Despite popular belief, drinking did not douse the dragonís inner flames. But it did have to be careful of water getting in its nostrils. So, for once, the dragon was slightly off-guard. And that was all Seth needed.

Signaling the other two to be silent, he leapt out from the bushes and threw his bottle. It hit the dragonís head and it snorted in surprise, lifting its head from the water. It glared at Seth, the red potion dripping down its face and neck like blood. Its black eyes narrowed and its chest began to expand, a clear sign that it was about to breathe fire.

But Seth only grinned and remained still. The dragon, though confused, didnít stop. He lowered his head and opened his jaws wide and exhaledÖsmoke. The dragon coughed and looked confused while Seth smiled broadly. Now angry, the dragon charged, intending on using his claws. But he hadnít gone two steps before he suddenly groaned and collapsed. As they watched, the dragonís body dwindled in size until it became about three feet from head to tail-tip. Seth went over and reached down, grabbing one of the dragonís horns. He held him in the air like a hunter would hold a rabbit and said, ďMair, the sack please.Ē Mair ran forwards and together they tucked the dragon into the tough leather. Darius came forwards, his little yellow eyes gleaming eagerly as they proceeded to walk home.

Once inside, they went into one of the back rooms where they often prepared their meals. Once inside, Seth ordered them to clear a space big enough for the dragon. Mair grinned and moved a single chair. Seth sighed, explaining, ďMair, the potion just shrunk him and knocked him out so we could get him. He will become full-size again. So how about you move a couple more items?Ē Darius chuckled at Mairís shocked expression, and between the two of them, they cleared a large space. Seth then opened the sack and lay the dragon down in the middle of it. He then went to the wall and studied the large assortment of blades that hung there. He finally chose a silver blade, since it was one of the few items that could actually pierce dragon-flesh, and walked back, warning, ďStand back.Ē They both did as told, and once they were clear, Seth tilted up the dragonís head and with a quick slice, slit its throat.

The change was immediate. The dragonís body swelled back up to normal size in less than a minute, but thankfully, it didnít thrash. The blow had been swift and painless and the dragon had died instantly. After the dragon had regained full size, Seth grinned and signaled to the other two demons before going back to the carcass, blade in hand.

Darius stripped off his clothes, as Seth had told him too, and when he was naked, sat down next to Mair, who was wriggling impatiently in his seat. Seth came into the room and with a smile, placed a huge platter of raw, thick dragon steaks on the floor in front of them. Mairís tail swished eagerly against the floor while Darius kept trying to inch closer to the platter. Both looked more than eager to begin. Seth grinned and picking up one bloody steak, held it to Mairís lips, nodding his permission. Mair dove in at once, his fangs sinking deeply into the still-bleeding flesh. Seth held on to the slab of meat and Mair turned his head sharply while biting down hard. He tore off a large chunk of the dragon meat and swallowed it down whole, not bothering to chew at all.

While Mair was doing that, Seth turned and fed Darius in a similar manner, letting him take a huge bit out of the raw steak. Blood smeared over Dariusí orange fur, but he didnít notice as he gulped the meat down, his tail wagging happily. Seth took great pleasure in feeding his pets and chuckled softly as Mair took an extra huge bite and barely managed to get it down without choking.

After about half an hour, Dariusí enthusiasm began to wane. His belly was bugling out roundly from his thin frame, the orange fur looking lighter in color since it was stretched so tightly. Seth smiled and gently ran his hand over the little demonís swollen stomach, knowing that Darius was done for now. Darius rolled over to his side, turning his back to Seth, signaling that he was full and Seth let him. He longed to stuff him further, but Mair was scratching imploringly at the floor.

Mair was sitting with his legs spread wide, allowing for his large belly, and he was straining for the platter of meat, unable to reach it due to his bulk. Seth laughed openly this time and went over, grabbing a steak and holding it out to Mair. The equine demon grabbed it and began to tear it apart, not chewing, just ripping as he tore chunk after chunk out of the red sustenance. Thin trickles of residual blood snaked down his hands, seeping into the black fur, but Mair didnít even notice as another steak was thrust into his face. He grabbed it and devoured it in the same messy, savage fashion, making little happy sounds to himself as he ate. Quietly, Seth kept handing him meat just as soon as heíd finish, and Mair always took them, never stopping to notice how dramatically swollen his gut had become. Before, he couldnít move himself a foot or two. Now it was doubtful heíd stay upright for long!

Mair only stopped eating when the last bloody steak had been plucked from the dish. Seth came close to him, and fed it to him slowly, making him take reasonable bites in order to prolong the experience. Mair obeyed, though he swallowed the bites whole. When the steak was gone, Mair reached and gently grabbed Sethís arm. When Seth didnít protest, Mair began to lick the blood from Mairís smooth-skinned arm. Mairís tongue was rough, but it felt wonderful and Seth stroked the green hair with his tail, his free hand resting possessively on Mairís bloated stomach.

Seth gently got up, and Mair let him, rolling helplessly to his back, panting lightly. Seth smiled broadly and lay down on top of him, making him mutter out a soft groan of discomfort. Seth lay atop him, arms crossed, chin on arms, smiling snugly at Mair who still had some blood around his mouth from his meal. Mair licked his chops lazily, eyes half lidded in what was quickly becoming a sleepy stupor. Seth was always amused that the other demons would bloat themselves so much, and he loved being the one who bloated them. To him, it helped to emphasis who was in charge in this household, and he just liked seeing them eat, seeing just how large he could make them go.

A loud snore startled him out of his thoughts. Seth looked down to find that Mair had lain his head down and was now fast a sleep, his right hoof twitching lightly as he dreamed.

Seth frowned a little at his thoughts being cut short, but then grinned. He got up, careful not to wake either of the sleeping demons, and walked into his shop. He went to a cupboard and removed a small box with holes punched through the wood. He grinned and sat down at his desk, pulling his potion ingredients to him as he used his tail to flip the catch and open the box. A dozen small furry objects lay within the box, and when closer inspected, they turned out to be tiny furs of both sexes and different species. Seth began to mix ingredients as his tail pulled a male wolf out of the protection of his fellows and ignoring his pleas, popped him swiftly into his mouth.

He began to chew as he lit his candles, his fangs slicing cleanly through the little wolfís flesh and fur. As he worked, he sucked, getting the blood out before he chewed, bones cracking easily between his powerful jaws. He pulled a mortar and pestle near him and tipped a few gems into the crystal bowl and as he began to grind the jewels to dust, pulled a female lizard from the box, chewing contentedly.